World celebrates international Museum day

World celebrates international Museum daySunday world celebrate the international day of museums. May 18, the Museum will be free to take all comers, and on Saturday many museums worked until midnight. Visitors have prepared a special program.According to Reuters, Russia completed the "Night of museums". Only in Moscow last night and tonight for free worked 130 museums. So, the Bulgakov House organized a dramatized tour of Bulgakov's Moscow, which began in the morning. In addition, the city's Central district continues to work unusual exhibition "Masterpieces on the streets of Moscow". Читать полностью -->

Pitt and Jolie were relatives of Obama and Clinton

Pitt and Jolie were relatives of Obama and ClintonGenealogists have found that presidential candidate Barack Obama is a distant relative of actor brad pitt, and Hillary Clinton is a distant relative of Angelina Jolie, reports AP.Researchers of the American organization Historic genealogical society New England have found some remarkable family connections of the three presidential candidates - Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain.It turned out that Clinton, who has French-canadian roots on his mother's side, is also a distant cousin of singers Madonna and Celine Dion.And Obama, the son of a white American mother from Kansas and a black man from Kenya, can call their distant relatives six American presidents. Meanwhile, McCain is a sixth cousin of first lady Laura Bush.A genealogist Christopher child said that while the candidates often emphasize the differences between themselves, their pedigrees say that they have more in common than they think.Obama has among its many distant relatives of presidents, both Democrats and Republicans: George W. Bush and his father, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and James Madison. Among Obama's relatives also have Vice President dick Cheney and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.Childs has spent the last three years studying the genealogy of candidates, in collaboration with Gary Boyd Roberts, author of the book "Ancestors of American presidents", released in 1989.Among distant relatives Clinton appears Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Britain's Prince Charles.Pedigree McCain was more difficult to trace because records on his relatives were not as complete as Obama and Clinton, said Childe.Obama and President Bush are cousins 10th degree. Their associates Samuel Hinkley of Cape cod, who died in 1662.Brad pitt and Obama are cousins to the ninth degree. Of them linked by Edwin Hickman, who died in Virginia in 1769.Clinton and Jolie - also cousins to the ninth degree. Читать полностью -->

Vicious life girlfriend of George Clooney

Vicious life girlfriend of George Clooney 28-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney, Sarah Larson, previously worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. Now new photos surfaced that showed that before meeting with a famous actor girl liked to party, reports the Daily Mail.The journal Star posted a photo of the former model, where it hugs the legs man, pressing her to the wall in one of the Nightclubs. Picture was taken last July, a month after she met Clooney.Another photograph taken the next day at the party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Larson, dressed only in a bikini is on all fours and licks the cover of a glossy magazine.Last year the press has already appeared spicy photo Larson made during the time when she was working as an advertising model in Amsterdam.Clooney and Larson met last summer at the Moon club in Las Vegas at a party dedicated to the film "Thirteen " ocean". Cute waitress was so liked by the actor that he asked her superiors to let her go on that night. In September, he first appeared to her in the light at the Venice film festival, and in February, the girl was accompanied by Clooney at the ceremony of "Oscars". Source: the Vicious life of the girlfriend of George Clooney (photos). Читать полностью -->

Zverev became the object of public harassment

Zverev became the object of public harassmentOne of soloists of group Quest Pistols named Nikita, participating in the filming of the show "Star in Cuba", don't hesitate others, invited Sergei to have sex with him in the Studio that shocked Zvereva."Well, you know, he said to me: "let's have sex," says the stylist. I immediately snapped: "are You kidding me? I am not for it!" After refusing Nikita pleaded with renowned stylist at least a passionate kiss.Star in shock, " says Sergey. To prove the persistent boy that I like girls, I kiss fans through the glass cube. Source: Zverev became the object of public harassment. . . Читать полностью -->

Zemfira was robbed in one of the shops

Zemfira was robbed in one of the shopsFor the theft of documents the singer Zemfira Ramazanova can frustrate private concerts, the fee for which was to be a round sum.Due to the fact that together with money from the famous singer stole the driver's license and passport, it will be difficult to leave Moscow.But the next week I remember a planned two corporate gig in Siberia. For taking part in such parties Ramazanova receives some of the highest fees in the Russian show business. Thus, for the week Zemfira may lose several hundred thousand dollars - a significant amount even for Zemfira of Talatona.Waiting- We are not yet aware of what happened with Zemfira in Moscow, waiting for her - said "TD" organizers of a concert of the singer in Novosibirsk.We will remind that on Monday the rocker robbed the store on Dorogomilovskaya street.- This strange type literally walked behind me, " said Zemfira at the police station. - I thought it was the paparazzi!PassportZemfira wrote a statement to the police, after which she was given a certificate instead of a passport. However, it is a temporary document it is impossible to restore a driver's license. For motorists, this is good news, because Ramazanova not only an avid car enthusiast, but also a frequent participant of road accident.- Without a license to operate the machine strictly forbidden, commented "th" policeman. Читать полностью -->

Christina Aguilera earns by selling son

Christina Aguilera earns by selling sonThe American People magazine has published the first photos of newborn son Christina Aguilera, max Liron.In the latest issue of the publication, which will go on sale Friday, 27-year-old singer and her husband John Bratman in an exclusive interview to talk about their family life and pose for a family photo album.Aguilera are unable to find a publication willing to pay for exclusive pictures of the baby. A couple of weeks ago broke her deal with the magazine OK! because they refused to pay the requested amount. Say, Aguilera also demanded that in one room there was a photograph of her boy and daughter Nicole Richie, who gave birth almost simultaneously with her.This is despite the fact that OK! in 2005 he got the exclusive on the wedding lighting Aguilera with Brahmana . An informed source said: "the Issue with her wedding did not sell so well as they hoped. Even the recent Nude photo pregnant Aguilera in Marie Claire had limited success."Christina exaggerates their value and requires excessive money for these photos. At the same time, she did not demonstrate that sells well," added the source, passes Blemish. Читать полностью -->

Tretyakov Buzova and separate to increase the rating

Tretyakov Buzova and separate to increase the ratingLast week there were rumors that became famous in "the House-2" Roman Tretyakov and Olga Buzova part. Themselves lovers of this information is not confirmed, but the long separation is clearly not the couple good.Recall, many months ago Roma left the project for family reasons and then never returned to TV construction site. Buzova continues to be a contestant on the show."We lost contact, estranged from each other, have a lot of business. I feel sorry to destroy the relationship that was built three and a half years, brick by brick. I believe that if we Roma are meant to be together, then we will," says now Buzova.And the mother of the girl Irina confident that the passion around the relationship of Roma and her daughter are forced on purpose, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". According to the woman, the truth is that Roma want by all means to return to the project, and he wants to do."The organizers of the project want to persuade Roma to return - said Irina. Читать полностью -->

Protection Stalin told the truth about his death

Protection Stalin told the truth about his deathEven 55 years after the death of one of the most legendary and significant personalities of national history around the name of Stalin are still a lot of unsolved mysteries.The chief did not like to approach people to himself, so memories of him can share a few units. Among them, the members of his personal guard, who called Joseph Vissarionovich Master.Konstantin Fedorovich Kozlov, who served as a guard at Stalin may 1947, said that after the death of the Secretary General the entire staff of his villas Near was urgently sent from Moscow. The Kozlov 22 April 1953 expelled in Vladimir - and then, as he says himself, he was lucky. According to the narrator, Beria handed them the tickets and ordered to leave. When one of the guards refused him for three days planted alone."In my opinion, if Stalin did something, not stolen by the killers, and those who had him regular access, - said Kozlov. - In my opinion, not just the son Sergo Beria said that everything the Pope himself could do. Читать полностью -->

Bilan will perform at `Eurovision` penultimate

Bilan will perform at `Eurovision` penultimateIn Belgrade has determined the order of performances of participants in the semi-finals of the musical contest "Eurovision-2008".Representing Russia Dima Bilan will play in the first semifinal, which will be held may 20 in the Serbian capital, reports RIA Novosti.Russian singer, according to the draw, will be the penultimate song "Believe Me" "Believe me") will be performed eighteenth on the account, following the speech of the Romanian figures of pop art. To complete the first semifinal of "Eurovision" will Greece.The second semifinal will be held on may 22. In it will take part including Ukraine Ani Lorak with the song Philip Kirkorov "Shady Lady", "Windy lady"), Georgia (Diana Gurtskaya with the song "Peace Will Come", "Peace will come") and Belarus (Ruslan Alehno with the song "Hasta La Vista", "see you later").The final of "Eurovision-2008" will take place on may 24. In it is guaranteed to are the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Serbia. Source: Bilan will perform at Eurovision penultimate. . Читать полностью -->

Rated sexy beauties, starring Topless

Rated sexy beauties, starring Topless British men's magazine Nuts has published a list of 100 most sexy beauties, starring Topless. The magazine picked up an impressive collection of sexy girls removed their bras. First place was taken by Polish model Eva.Among them, most of the models, Actresses, singers. But there is a writer, athlete, friend of the stars and even politicians.The Weis Dowding English model, Miss great Britain 1998. He graduated from the University of London in Economics. Became the first girl with Asian roots (father British, mother is a Filipina), representing the UK at the contest "Miss universe". Читать полностью -->