Mike Tyson gets used to the `new` life

Mike Tyson gets used to the `new` lifeLegendary heavyweight, former undisputed world champion Mike Tyson said on sports channel ESPN about change for the better in his life and how he gets used to them."A new" life "Iron Mike" began after last year was convicted (though conditionally) for possession of drugs and driving in a condition of narcotic intoxication.The remainder of the year Tyson spent in rehab, and now, according to the court, held monthly tests for drugs and alcohol."Every day for me is a struggle," he admitted. - Every day I want to take drugs. Every day I want to drink. But I'm not doing this because he promised".Tyson says she lives every day and trying to get used to this new life. "I don't talk to people in the past have been with the same company, because now I became a different person. I don't want to live as before. Читать полностью -->

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