Lada Dens attacked Director

Lada Dens attacked DirectorLada Dens, it seems, is haunted by the glory of top models-troublemakers Naomi Campbell. Black Panther in recent years appears in the media solely in connection with new cases of physical abuse.About Lada also keep hearing bad news, saying that she's hot on the hand. Finally, came the first public complaints, the newspaper "Life".- I don't agree with it, and not only I, admits former Director singer Igor. - She's not just a hysterical and violent, she is a bundle of nerves. It costs nothing to humiliate or hit man! Source: Lada Dens attacked Director. . Читать полностью -->

Shakira's birthday was celebrated in Moscow

Shakira's birthday was celebrated in MoscowSpecially invited to the birthday of a co-owner of one of the famous banks singer Shakira on Friday arrived in Moscow.Special conspiracy Shakira was never kept. In petite girl in sportswear and striped hat and so find it difficult to learn the American star, the newspaper "Your day".Shakira with her entourage arrived a few hours before a custom concert in the club "Paradise". She settled in the hotel "Ritz Carlton" and it's late in the evening went escorted to the club for the performance.For the entertainment of its guests the banker in addition to Shakira invited popular group the Pussycat Dolls. After them and had to make Colombian star.At the very beginning of the speech Shakira was an unpleasant incident. From the stage the singer saw the camera flashes in the audience. One of fotografirovatsa girls especially did not like the star. Читать полностью -->

Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities

Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities Exposure, exposure and transparent outfits - it's the law of modern fashion, which is not considered with feelings. And on the eve of the summer season, when all dream about the sea and the sun,and in the middle of winter. See who succeeded and who not, to comply with the measure.Source: Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Avraam Russo goes with a whole platoon of guards

Avraam Russo goes with a whole platoon of guardsSinger Avraam Russo and a half years ago was shot in the city center and after this incident, was forced to leave the country. The actor is sure that the cause of the incident-the human envy.Now the singer lives in America with his wife Morally and daughter Emanuele. But the plans of Abraham is returning to Russia."Now I have been touring in Ukraine, - said the artist. - But in Russia I'm going to come back with a new album. We hope that the situation in Moscow during this time will calm down. And I will come this fall.". Читать полностью -->

Babkina will have to part with her lover

Babkina will have to part with her loverSinger Nadezhda Babkina and her life partner Eugene Gore a few years ago shocked the public with its romance. It's no secret that the age difference between Eugene and Nadezhda Georgievna - 30 years.However, over time it became clear that the age of this Union is not a hindrance, especially a couple of associated with not only personal, but also business, creative relationship. However, soon the Hope of Babkina will have to part with a young friend.The guy on six months leave to study in America, so separation will be long. Eugene himself for parting with the Hope of Georgievna is more or less peacefully."Life is a difficult thing," he said in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - Always have to sacrifice something. For me, the work is much more important than any relationship, whether friendship or love. Читать полностью -->

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