Decided all the finalists `Eurovision-2008`

Decided all the finalists `Eurovision-2008`The final performances will take place on may 24. All in all it will be attended by 25 bands and artists.In the second semi-final in the finals by Ukraine, Croatia, Albania, Iceland, Georgia, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Turkey and Portugal. The concert will take place on may 24. All in all it will be attended by 25 bands and artists.The first 10 finalists of "Eurovision-2008" decided on may 20. Then in the final, Russia, Greece, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Norway.In the final, will also be attended by performers representing countries-founders of the competition - Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and the representative of Serbia, the host country of the competition, according to RBC.Russia at Eurovision is Dima Bilan. It is interesting to note that Bilan is the main favorite of the "Eurovision" in the opinion of the Belgrade bookmakers, who made this conclusion on the basis of the comparative calculation of bets on a particular artist.Dima Bilan has already participated in singing competition in 2006. Читать полностью -->

Basque blatantly flirted with her daughter Caballe

Basque blatantly flirted with her daughter CaballeIn the Greek city of Thessaloniki, where the Basques came at the invitation of the local theatre, for the first time he had allowed yourself to flirt with her daughter Montserrat Caballe.Monsite charmed with the singer, with pleasure I accepted the attentions of Nicholas. Even drank with him in brotherhood of Russian vodka.To share the success of the "Golden voice of Russia" gathered his closest people: my parents Elena and Viktor Vladimirovich, friends from Spain, America and Russia.Dropped everything and Monsita Caballe. So on this important day to be with Nicholas. Indeed, on the day of the premiere of the Opera "Pagliacci" in local musical theatre Russian tenor awaited triumph. The deafening applause of an enthusiastic audience made the mother of Nicholas,and then himself to cry with happiness.At the beginning of the Opera at the agitated singer began a light panic. Entering his dressing room, he found a luxurious bouquets of flowers sent by friends, among whom were the lilies.- I know that I have terrible allergies, get nervous singer. Читать полностью -->

Victoria and David Beckham are back in the UK

Victoria and David Beckham are back in the UKIn 2012, the couple Beckham will move back to the UK, reported by Victoria Beckham.According to the singer, him and David decided that the family should move to his home after David's contract will expire with the Los Angeles football club Los Angeles Galaxy.Not so long ago both stars in one voice declared that their future lies with America. However, thinking about my children and career, Victoria and David came to the conclusion that it is better for all will be moving to Chelsea. Victoria will be able to promote its line of fashionable clothes."Victoria loves the USA. She loves spending time in the company of Tom and Katie cruise, as well as other friends. In Hertfordshire they have a mansion, really, Vicky wants to be closer to the high life in London," the source said. Source: Victoria and David Beckham are back in the UK. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears has escaped from a psychiatric clinic

Britney Spears has escaped from a psychiatric clinicSinger Britney Spears on Wednesday abruptly left the Los Angeles psychiatric hospital, where she was taken a week ago. According to eyewitnesses, the 26-year-old Britney was released from the hospital in a blue dress, dark glasses and a hat with a brim.The paparazzi immediately attacked her trail, surrounded her black Mercedes and stalked to hotel Beverly Hills Hotel, where the police escort she went inside. According to another report, Britney went home and then went to the hotel.It is unclear why Spears was released, because previously it was assumed that it will remain in the hospital for two weeks. The clinic declined to comment, citing the confidentiality of patient information, reports Reuters.An hour later, after the arrival of Britney drove up to the hotel her friend paparazzo Adnan Galib and went inside. Some time later they left together and went to his car.Spears was taken to hospital at the University of California from her home in Beverly hills a week ago after watching her psychiatrist called doctors and expressed concern about her inappropriate behavior. For the duration of her treatment, the court appointed guardian Spears, her father Jamie, who got the right to decide for her, including financial matters.In early January, Spears was hospitalized in a similar way. Читать полностью -->

Buzova: On the project " Dom-2` pay very well

Buzova: On the project That the participants of the reality show "Dom-2" for staying on telestroke pay money, say for a long time. And recently one of the oldest participants of the project Olga Buzova confirmed this information.According to her, this is one of the main reasons that keeps her at the construction site of love canal TNT. The girl does not hide his fatigue, but to leave the "House-2" is not going according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."All "Oldies" now on edge, - is Olga. - Stepan Menshchikov has become very aggressive due to the fact that I must submit the signed contract. The sun has won 14 February an apartment in Moscow and calmed down: I have the feeling that it is now quite worried about the project. But Sam and Nastya broke down and left... Читать полностью -->

Medvedev below the growth of most world leaders (figures and photos)

Medvedev below the growth of most world leaders (figures and photos)Journalists "Financial Times" decided to compare the growth of modern world politics. It turned out that Dmitry Medvedev below as their predecessors on a post of the President of Russia, and modern European colleagues."Financial Times" gives the following figures:the rise of Dmitry Medvedev - 162 cm less than that of Vladimir Putin (170 cm) and, especially, "Siberian Bogatyr" Boris Yeltsin (189 cm).Medvedev is not going to look "down" and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (the growth of both 165 cm). Moreover, 11 cm above his German Chancellor Angela Merkel (173 cm). Here, the highest policy on the European continent - the UK Prime Minister Gordon brown (180 cm). A few inches above his only George Bush (182 cm), although he is far from his predecessor bill Clinton (189 cm).After the authoritative magazine, we will not draw from the statistics provided to any conclusions, however, will offer readers the opportunity to compare the growth of some unmentioned in the article, politicians (on materials of free encyclopedia Wikipedia):Tamerlane - 145 cm.Genghis Khan - 145 cm.Alexander the great - 150 cm.Charlemagne - 150 cm.Nestor Makhno - 151 seeQueen Victoria - 152 cmLouis XIV - 156 cmCatherine II - 157 seeJoseph Stalin 163 cm.Vladimir Lenin - 164 cmNikita Khrushchev - 166 cmWinston Churchill - 166 cmAdolf Hitler - 166 cmBenito Mussolini 169 seeGerhard Schroeder - 174 cmMikhail Gorbachev - 175 cmLeonid Brezhnev: 176 cmIvan the terrible - 178 cmElizabeth - 180 cmYuri Andropov - 182 cmRonald Reagan - 185 cmJacques Chirac - 189 cmAbraham Lincoln - 193 cmCharles De Gaulle - 196 cmPeter - 204 (on the neck. Dan. Читать полностью -->

Julia Roberts doesn't use deodorant

Julia Roberts doesn't use deodorantOne of the highest paid Actresses in the world Julia Roberts revealed in an interview on American television that totally isn't wearing any deodorant.Star struck Hollywood elite unshaven armpits at the premiere of Notting Hill, claims that all deodorants prefers soap and water. "I don't use deodorant," admitted Roberts. - It's not mine. Source: Julia Roberts doesn't use deodorant. . . Читать полностью -->

Karachentsov prepare for surgery

Karachentsov prepare for surgeryYesterday the darling of millions of Russians actor Nikolay Karachentsov went by train to St. Petersburg, where soon at the Institute of the human brain will make him a unique operation.Using the latest techniques, based on the introduction of drugs directly into the brain, doctors from St. Petersburg will try to return to the famous actor speech.Ludmila Polina, wife of the actor, could not decide how to go to Peter - on the train or plane. As a result, after consulting with doctors, the couple bought the ticket in the first class carriage high speed train "Aurora".- The train was almost late, arrived a few minutes before departure, I was terribly nervous, " told "Your DAY" Lyudmila Andreevna. - Yesterday in the restaurant celebrated the birth of daughter-in-law, stayed up late.In the Petersburg Institute of the human brain Nikolai Petrovich already waiting. He booked the room and identified the attending physician.HopeAll three weeks, during which will last the course of treatment, near Nikolai Karachentsov will be his wife. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie has confirmed that awaits the twins

Angelina Jolie has confirmed that awaits the twinsAccording to Jolie, to give birth she will most likely be in France, where the actress is now taking part in the Cannes film festival.Angelina Jolie finally personally confirmed what the rumor for several months, namely that she is pregnant with twins, according to Reuters.The recognition of a 32-year-old Angelina made during the interview to the TV Today, which she gave with actor Jack black. Together they are involved in articulating the new animated film "Kung fu Panda"."I am very happy. Unlike most women, I love being pregnant. As if your whole body is working for the baby," she said. About the future children angelina didn't ask, but according to unofficial information, it comes to girls. The baby will be the fifth and sixth child in the family Jolie and brad pitt. Читать полностью -->

Son of bekhemov suddenly gave a break at the Spice Girls concert

Son of bekhemov suddenly gave a break at the Spice Girls concert The youngest of three sons of Victoria Beckham - 2-year-old Cruz suddenly decided to dance breakdance on stage while the band sang his famous song "Mama, I Love You".Room thought very touching: spice things started to sing the song, holding hands, and then came on the stage to their children, writes British newspaper the Daily Mail. Mel b was holding 10-month-old daughter angel from Eddie Murphy, Jerry - year-old Bluebell Madonna, Emma bunton showed to the audience the little boy, Beau, who is only 6 months. Victoria was accompanied by three heroes - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Bekhema, dressed in identical caps and funny t-shirts.Unexpectedly for the audience and the singers younger brother decided to show their bratersky talent. He stepped forward and has done several fashion movements and even tried to whirl in my head. None of this obviously did not expect Melani brown for a few moments, lost songs, laughing. Proud Victoria stood behind and smiled.All agreed on the opinion that the performance of young of the breakers managed. Читать полностью -->

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