Maksim relaxed with the guitar player from your team

Maksim relaxed with the guitar player from your teamBefore a big solo concert in Nizhnevartovsk singer Maksim allowed myself to relax. Singing own creations, she is quite frankly beginning to dance with the guitarist from his band.As it turned out, a young man named Andrew was the current partner of the actress.During the General run of the concert, the song captured the artist so that she could not resist and rushed into the arms of a musician. In the immediate environment of the star for some time actively discussing that between the Marina Abrosimova (Maksim) and Andrew very romantic relationship. The mood of the couple spoiled only by the local security guard who tried to take the singer on the video. Seeing "paparazzi" in the form, Maksim gave him a real dressing down, the newspaper "Your day".- She kicked everyone out of the hall by putting at the entrance of their administrators and security, " says the spectator Denis. Source: Maksim relaxed with the guitar player from your team. Читать полностью -->

Daniel Craig decided to leave his bachelor life

Daniel Craig decided to leave his bachelor lifeThe performer of the role of James bond actor Daniel Craig marries his sweetheart, the movie producer she always Mitchell. To have the wedding they're going, when 40-year-old Daniel will finish shooting in a new series of boniadi.An informed source told the newspaper The Sun in Panama city where the shooting of 29-year-old she always comes every day to Craig on the set."Daniel and she always in love. He proposed to her, and now she wears a very beautiful ring by Cartier with great a solitaire diamond in a platinum setting," says the source.The pair met in 2005 while filming The Jacket, where Daniel played along with keira Knightley. In the same year, their relationship was under threat due to the fact that Craig, they say, happened romance with Sienna Miller. But the source claims: "Now Daniel and she always closer than ever. They want to hold a modest wedding ceremony".22-second account of the film about the agent 007, dubbed "quantum of solace", is due out in theaters in November of this year. Читать полностью -->

Scooter took Madonna's glory

Scooter took Madonna's gloryGerman techno group Scooter was taken from Madonna's first place in the British hit parade albums, reports BBC News."Jumping All Over the World", the first album of Scooter since 2002, was at the top of the hit parade immediately after the sale. Over the past five years, this German band, popular in the 1990-ies, released in the UK just two singles, neither of which did not rise above 40 th place in the charts.Album Madonna "Hard Candy" - the leader of last week - moved into second place. The third line is the debut album of the singer Duffy's "Rockferry". Fourth place went to the album Sam Sparro, and closes the five of leaders of "Third" group Portishead, held last week, the second line of the hit parade.In the British hit parade singles Madonna still manages to retain the top spot. Its a joint with Justin Timberlake work "4 Minutes" tops the singles chart for the fourth week in a row. "Wearing My Rolex" by Wiley, the "Black and Gold" Sam Sparro has also reserved places in the top three. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears showed bare buttocks

Britney Spears showed bare buttocks Pop singer again delighted one and all, appearing in the courtyard of his house in the buff.With this view Britney Spears (Britney Spears) few have seen. Paparazzi photographed the star in a time when she was taking a sun bath.We can say that Britney didn't know that she was on a Stakeout photographers. And we can assume that the singer is not the first time watching photographers hanging on her fence, and therefore accustomed to them as to the native. Source: Britney Spears showed bare buttocks (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Funeral Rimma Kazakova is scheduled for may 22

Funeral Rimma Kazakova is scheduled for may 22Funeral Rimma Kazakova, poet and translator, who died suddenly on may 19, 2008, will be held on Thursday, may 22, at the capital's Vagankovskoye cemetery.The visitation will begin at 10 a.m. in the Central house of writers (Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, building 53), civil funeral is at noon, reports "Interfax" with reference to the Secretariat of the Union of writers of Moscow.Rima F. Kazakov died in the suburban rest home in the village of Perkhushkovo on 77-m to year of life.Rimma Kazakova was born 27 January 1932 in Sevastopol, studied in Leningrad, where he graduated from the historical faculty of the Leningrad state University. Published beginning in the late 1950s. In the early 1960s he moved to Moscow, where he graduated from the higher literary courses at the writers ' Union. Were among the poets-"the sixties".Among its well-known collections of poetry were "don't cry In the forest", "Remember", "White", "Track", "where are you", "Friday", "Country love", "touchstone", "come Down off the hill." On poems Kazakova were written popular songs "Madonna", "my Darling", "You love me" and others. Читать полностью -->

Irina Toneva threw the groom before the wedding

Irina Toneva threw the groom before the weddingOne of the most prominent soloists of group "Factory" broke up with her fiance Yuri Pashkov and called off the wedding. As admitted Pashkov, now he's worried because after a couple of months my beloved had to go down the aisle.However, despite the suffering, the Jura is quite fun.While Irina has performed in one of the most fashionable night clubs of Moscow, her ex-boyfriend as much for hitting on several girls at the birthday party of a graduate project "the national actor" Alexey Vorobyov. Having drunk some glasses, a leading channel MTV began to light up with young Hotties.- Ira parted - confessed "Z" Yura. - I don't like to talk about it.WoundsIrina, meanwhile, had come to the party on the occasion of the birthday of renowned cosmetic companies. It was clear that the girl is absolutely not in the mood. Ira was confused in his movements and were not included in the soundtrack. Читать полностью -->

Family grief Dmitry Malikov

Family grief Dmitry MalikovThe son of renowned singer Dmitry Malikov grief: 95 year died his grandmother Valentina Feoktistova. A relative of stars in recent time very ill.The elderly woman has serious problems with the hip joint. Doctors strongly recommended not to perform the operation, because in such an advanced age it is quite dangerous. The condition of an elderly relative of the singer every day became more and more deplorable. But, unfortunately, doctors are unable to cope with the disease.It was Dima's grandmother on the maternal side, - said the father of the artist, the popular singer Yuriy Malikov. - A wonderful man...Death Valentina Feoktistova was a heavy blow for the family Carried. Читать полностью -->

The actors of the TV series `Lost` in glossy magazines

The actors of the TV series `Lost` in glossy magazines On Thursday night in America premiered a two-hour finale of the 4th season of the popular and intriguing television series Lost (in Russian translation - "Stay alive").After watching the last series fans teleepopei have to wait a whole year before the start of the fifth season in 2009 and sixth last season of the show in 2010.Meanwhile, we invite you to see some selected photos of the stars of the show, who has appeared on the pages of various magazines (Arena, Harper-s Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Stuff, Details, and others) for the past three or four years. Source: the Actors of the TV series "Lost" in glossy magazines (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosed

The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosedThe news that Nikolai Fomenko and Maria Golubkina divorce, for many was a surprise. The acting couple have been married for 13 years, raised in the family with two children, and the apparent reason for the breakup, the couple seems to have happened.As soon as we learned about family collapse Golubkina and Fomenko, as the main causes of divorce were called new hobby Nicholas.He indirectly confirmed this information when helped Mary aired on the radio station "Mayak". In the final interviews Maria hinted to her husband that it is not necessary to anybody to acquaint.Here Fomenko suddenly hold, reported that he had a plane to St. Petersburg and retired. And for a few moments before the artist promised to stay in the Studio for half an hour and to bring the ether for Golubkina who was rushing to the show.Well, Fomenko really had a reason to rush to St. Petersburg. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughter

The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughterThe soloist of the group "Tatu" Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova recently traveled to St. Petersburg. In one of the shopping centers of the city held an autograph session for the group, and in the evening was to be held the concert.As they say, the performance had to be cancelled because of poor health Yulee. But those who earlier in the day came to talk with them and get autographs, caught both soloists infamous group in good health.Yulia and Lena were in a good mood and answered questions about his work and personal life. So, Yulia Volkova told that she had problems with her daughter. All moms know the crisis of puberty in kids who already have three years. Читать полностью -->

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