Love is a mystery revealed Dostoevsky

Love is a mystery revealed DostoevskySiberian archivists found the parish register, which contains the entry about the wedding in February, 1857, the famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky with Maria Isaeva.Recall that in 1849, the Military court sentenced Dostoevsky, in particular, for the dissemination of "criminal about religion and government letter writer Belinsky" to be shot. But the punishment for the great writer was replaced by eight years of hard labor, then on four years.In 1854 for good behavior Dostoevsky was released from prison in Tobolsk and sent as a private in the 7th Siberian line battalion. He served in the fortress of Semipalatinsk and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Here he began an affair with Maria Dmitrievna Isaeva. At a time when the writer saw his future lover, she was the wife of an unemployed drunkard. The person who at the time was an official for special assignments. Читать полностью -->

The state of Inna Churikova has improved

The state of Inna Churikova has improved A few days ago, the famous actress was taken to the intensive care unit of a Moscow hospital. After a thorough examination the doctors gave the actress a diagnosis of "cerebrovascular accident". Right now, the actress has improved.Recall that the folk artist was hospitalized with a suspected stroke - Inna Mikhailovna became ill during a rehearsal in the theatre "Lenkom". Last night She was transferred to a regular room. At the moment the status of the actress assessed as moderate.According to the husband of actress film Director Gleb Panfilov, nothing terrible has happened:"Inna overtired, she jumped up pressure. Lately she works a lot and not take care of themselves. Читать полностью -->

Vasily Aksenov rehabilitation will take place in the hospital. Burdenko

Vasily Aksenov rehabilitation will take place in the hospital. BurdenkoWriter Vasily Aksenov, was hospitalized on January 15 with stroke, was transferred from the intensive care unit of the Institute. Sklifosovsky hospital. Burdenko rehabilitation, said a source in medical circles of the city."The condition of Vasily Pavlovich has improved somewhat, for the environment it will be transferred to the hospital. Burdenko for further rehabilitation," said the source.He explained that the stroke has caused quite extensive damage of the brain, in this regard, the rehabilitation will take a long time, reports "Interfax".Information about some improvements in the condition of Aksenova were voiced his literary agent Victor Wagman. "Feldman opens his eyes and in his condition, there are positive developments, although very minor. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Dibrov decided to tie the knot

Dmitry Dibrov decided to tie the knotDmitry Dibrov decided for the first time in my life to tie the knot. 49-year-old TV presenter has already presented his bride to the public.It happened at the recent premiere of the animated film "Horton", according to the website of the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."Gorgeous blonde who came with me today, soon will be my wife", - said Dmitry.It is known that the beloved TV presenter's name is Alexandra. When it will be a wedding ceremony, Dibrov said.As we already wrote, this wedding will be the first in the life of a famous teledeyatel. Recently he appeared on the secular parties, while another young beauty.Probably only Alexander managed to win a place in the heart of Dmitry. To give up his bachelor life is a serious step for a 49 year old man.By the way, another famous bachelor is preparing to tie the knot. Hollywood star George Clooney, according to press reports, prepares the engagement with his current girlfriend Sarah Larson. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears rehearses a new world tour

Britney Spears rehearses a new world tourA discharge from a psychiatric hospital and finally purchasing new fishnet tights, singer Britney Spears has begun rehearsals for his new world tour.Scandalous star and trains in the Los Angeles dance complex "Millennium" and, according to sources, soon to conquer the audience with her new album Blackout.A source close to the singer told The New York Post that Britney "in a few weeks will leave the country. Month, she will rehearse and then go on a world tour," writes The Daily Mail.Meanwhile, Britney Spears has found a new use for his choreographic skills - she began to teach dance to children. A mother of two kids conducted a session for the class of eight pupils aged 4 to 9 years. A source at the Studio said: "When Britney arrived, she approached each of the children, asked their names and asked if they like Madonna because her music they will dance". According to a source, Britney is not the first time conducts classes for students at the school.Meanwhile, the singer's father Jamie Spears, her court-appointed guardian, decided to fire her Manager Howard Grossman, as he ignored the ban to approach and communicate with his ward without permission and refused to disclose the contents of the letter that Britney sent her assistant Sam Lutfi. Jamie Spears was appointed guardian of her daughter after she for a second time went to a psychiatric clinic. Читать полностью -->

UN accuses show business in the popularization of cocaine

UN accuses show business in the popularization of cocaineThe authors of the annual report of the UN office for drug control has accused the "star culture" in promoting the use of cocaine, and the police that they prefer to turn a blind eye to the drug rich.Meanwhile, in the document it is reported that cocaine prices fell to a record low, and thanks to the celebrity-addicted, the drug has become socially acceptable. In informal conversations employees of the police say that cocaine use is becoming among the representatives of the British middle class in the same custom, which was Smoking marijuana in the past generation, and complain that in the fight against drug they lose."Drug addicts and drug peddlers celebrity have a profound effect on the morals, values and attitude towards drug addiction, especially among young people, the report said. - The authorities should see to it that celebrities who violate the laws on trafficking are brought to justice.". . . . Читать полностью -->

In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers Britain

In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers BritainToday it became known that on Board the crashed yesterday in Farnborough aircraft were two famous racing driver David Leslie and Richard Lloyd.The former champion of great Britain races in the Touring Car class with Lesley and winner of races for Porsche, Bentley and Jaguar Lloyd flew to France to take part in competitions, but suddenly the plane began to descend and crashed into two houses.Reportedly firefighters, in addition to the houses themselves from the tragedy on earth, no one was hurt - the inhabitants of the burnt down house at the moment were on vacation and escaped death.Onboard the broken plane there were five people. The lost and lonely now lies a bouquet of flowers with an expression of deep sympathy to the families of the victims. Source: In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers Britain. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player Ovechkin

Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player OvechkinAt a private party in the hotel "national", which celebrated the victory of Dima Bilan on Eurovision-2008", the world champion on hockey Alexander Ovechkin came with a new girlfriend.She was a designer and former wife of Vladimir Presnyakov Lena Lenskaya.The whole evening 22-year-old player has spent in the company of Lena. By the way, Lena costumes for our "team" - Bilan, Plushenko, of Marton, who represented Russia at Eurovision. As they say close friends Ovechkin, with his Lena is not the first week associated romantic relationship.The hero of the occasion came to the party very late in the company of his bride Lena Kuletskaya, producer Yana and her friends and participants of the rooms Evgeni Plushenko and Edwin Marton. As writes "Your day", the party ended at about 5 am. Source: Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player Ovechkin. . Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez boasted future twins

Jennifer Lopez boasted future twinsJennifer Lopez, despite his interesting position, looked excellent during his last publication. On people the pregnant star appeared within the ceremonial activities of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) on Wednesday in new York.The singer must be born twins, attended the celebration along with her husband Marc Anthony, the newspaper The Daily Mail. At the same event there were other celebrities, among which were seen Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, demi Moore, and Tom cruise and Katie Holmes.Previously pregnant actress and singer admitted to People magazine that "feels right". While Lopez says she's hard to follow a regime. She was accustomed to active life and it is not easy to rebuild old rhythm.For its part, father Lopez just a few days ago confirmed that his daughter is expecting twins. "Yes, twins. Читать полностью -->

There were photos of the new house of pitt and Jolie in France

There were photos of the new house of pitt and Jolie in France As previously reported, the most famous Hollywood couple brad pitt and Angelina Jolie buy a mansion in the South of France, where the pregnant actress is going to move before the birth.Now the American tabloid Star publishes photos of exterior and interior decoration of the historic house called Mas de la Chapelle St. Sixte, estimated at $ 20 million, which is located in the town Agile in Provence.The house has six bedrooms, library, vaulted ceilings, there is a large pool and garden area of five acres. Mas de la Chapelle St. Sixte was built in 1150 by the community of monksAccording to rumors, a 32-year-old Jolie is waiting for pitt's twins. Last week close to the star, a source told In Touch magazine: "Thanks to the help of medicine, they will have twins - a boy and a girl". Children should be born in early summer. Читать полностью -->

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