A stray pig Pink Floyd declared wanted

A stray pig Pink Floyd declared wantedA giant inflatable pig with the signature of the former bass guitarist of the rock band Pink Floyd's Roger waters, who since the release of the 1977 album, "Animals" and the song "Pigs on the Wing" mandatory attribute of the band, flew to the sky during a speech at the festival Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival in Los Angeles.Music festival organizers announced a reward of 10 thousand dollars and a life free of the law of visiting this festival for anyone who finds a lost toy.Waters was the songwriter and bass guitarist of Pink Floyd from 1965 to 1985. A picture of this pig once became the cover for their next Studio album rock band. The toy remained a permanent feature of the stage during performances even after the waters had quit the band.As noted by RIA "Novosti", in 1977, after a photo shoot near the Battersea power station in London inflatable pig was flown, after which he was found safely.Pigs are popular in the Western star party. So, live hog held Hollywood actor George Clooney. Cernohorsky Max was to be a gift for one of beloved Clooney. However the destiny has disposed so that four-legged brunette stayed in the apartment of the actor. Читать полностью -->

The monument Egor Letov will set in his hometown

The monument Egor Letov will set in his hometownThe monument to the leader of the cult rock group "Civil defence" Egor Letov will be installed at the tomb of the musician in his native city of Omsk, RIA Novosti reported.Yegor Letov died 19 February in his apartment in Omsk. The official cause of death was acute respiratory failure developed as a result of ethanol poisoning. Letov was buried on 21 February in Omsk on Old Eastern cemetery near the grave of his mother.Musical career began in the early 1980-ies, creating together with like-minded rock band "Seed" and later the rock group "Civil defense".In 2004-2005 there were two new album "Long Happy Life" and "Resuscitation". 's latest album, "Civil defense" "Why dream" was presented on may 26, 2007. Source: Monument to Egor Letov will set in his hometown. . Читать полностью -->

Ended in Moscow Russian Fashion Week

Ended in Moscow Russian Fashion WeekEnded in Moscow Russian fashion week (RFW). The latter presented their work, the Duo known designers Anne Fine and Marina Endourology.Their collection has confirmed the trend: the upcoming autumn and winter in the wardrobes of fashionistas will dominate two colors - white and black, ITAR-TASS reported.Designers turned to the colors and shapes: geometry clear, austerity and minimalism. They offer to remember the pads, which are found in each of their models, be it evening gown or autumn robe. Just my ideas on RFW presented 49 fashion designers, including the UK, Spain, France, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and, of course, from Russia.Many designers "painted" autumn and winter of 2008-2009 in black color and see the simplicity. And this is logical, as the current spring and summer is a real riot of colors and combination in clothes of all colors.But Belarusian designer Olga samoshchenko continued "color" theme and in the "cold" season. So, in his collection autumn-winter 2008-2009 she applied all the rich colors of October: gold leaf, sky blue, chocolate wood pillars. Читать полностью -->

The chief ideologist of the exam retired

The chief ideologist of the exam retiredThe head of the Federal service for supervision in education (Rosobrnadzor) Victor Bolotov has filed a resignation.This official is known as the ideologist of the most controversial project in the reform of education of the unified state exam (EGE), which from 2009 will become widespread in Russia.The former official confirmed that he has indeed resigned, but refused to comment on this. Surrounded by Bolotov dismissal is associated in particular with the Prosecutor's checks of Rosobrnadzor, which have increased in the last two years.So, in February 2007, the Prosecutor General's office accused the leadership of Rosobrnadzor in the failure to provide information about the conduct of educational activities without a license, forgery of diplomas of a state institution, the misuse of budget funds and the creation of leavesof whose graduates get a job with fake diplomas.Information about such violations were received in the state office of public Prosecutor from the regional divisions and affected citizens. In the same year, the Federal service was involved in another scandal. Against the head of the Federal center of testing of Rosobrnadzor Vladimir Khlebnikov was a criminal case on suspicion of abuse of office and misuse of funds in the amount of 33 million rubles.Personally Bolotova no one was charged, but the Prosecutor's investigation, according to his colleagues, tired of the official, and he decided to change the scope of activities to do science. New place of work ex-official will be the Russian Academy of education, where the results of the next election, he received the post of Vice President."In this post I will do his favorite thing - science," said Victor. Ex-leader reported that it continues to support the introduction of the unified state exam in Russia everywhere since 2009. Читать полностью -->

Jules Verne women were considered a hindrance in traveling

Jules Verne women were considered a hindrance in travelingFebruary 8 marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of Jules Verne. According to the legend, when the writer once came to the reception to the Minister, the Secretary invited him to sit down with these words: "After traveling so much you must be really tired".Fans of the talent of the writer had no doubt that he describes are true travels and adventures of his characters very real.Jules-Gabriel Verne was born on 8 February 1828 in France. Pierre Verne, hereditary lawyer, performed their duties with such scrupulous honesty that in Nantes proverb - "honest as Verne". The father assumed that at the end of the lycГ©e Jules will go to Paris and there will be a law degree, and then take my father's things at the office.And the boy dreamed of distant lands and travel under sail. To realize their dreams, he tried in 1839, when a secret from their parents got a job as a cabin boy on going to India schooner "Coralie".The father of Jules managed to catch up with her at the local boat and failed to take the man home. Young Jules Verne promised that from now on only travel in my dreams, and indeed from time to time followed his father's plan. Читать полностью -->

The Russians on the `Eurovision` chasing trouble

The Russians on the `Eurovision` chasing troubleTomorrow Serbia will host the semi-final of the music contest "Eurovision", where Russia will be represented by Dima Bilan with the support of producer Yana Rudkovskaya, figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and violinist Edwin Marton.Almost from the first day of arrival in Belgrade we ran into trouble. First detained at customs ice stage on which to write pirouettes Plushenko, says Komsomolskaya Pravda."Customs did not miss the scene due to the fact that we are a few hours waiting for signatures from the Russian side. That is a shame. I wish that our government does not materially and morally supported us in the contest "Eurovision", - said Plushenko. "We were struggling with such problems!". . Читать полностью -->

The girls put up a fight because Timati

The girls put up a fight because TimatiGirls are fighting among themselves for the right to play a major role in the new clip of the singer.Sex scandal with a fight broke out in the dressing room of a fashionable Moscow club on the set of new music video Timati and Dj Smash Moscow never sleeps.Models invited to participate in the filming, did not share their pet - Timothy.- I'm not gonna let some bitch take away my opportunity to be with my idol! - screamed one of the participants of the conflict, a fashion model Masha. "I've been dreaming about it!FightFrom mutual insults the girls quickly moved on to the banal fight. Two of the candidates for participation in the new clip of the controversial rapper has taken an aggressive shoving match, and then grabbed her hair.To separate the girls rushed renowned image-maker, personal stylist Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim and the video directed by Rezo Gugenishvili.- I am very surprised by this ugly incident, " says razo. - Earlier anything like me during the shooting did not happen! Source: Girls put up a fight because Timati. . . Читать полностью -->

Ex-wife of French President marries

Ex-wife of French President marriesA few days later after the announcement of the wedding of President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, it became known that his ex-wife is also going down the aisle.The former wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Madam Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz in March is going to celebrate a wedding in new York with her lover, businessman Richard Attison, informs NEWSru Israel referring to the Israeli newspaper MA ariv.It should be noted that the publication in the French edition plans Cecilia is paid not more than one paragraph. However, it is the second day he vigorously discussed in Francophone Internet blogs.About two years ago, Cecilia threw Nicolas because of Attias, French businessman who is currently living in America. In new York he has a advertising firm specializing in political PR.It's funny that Richard, a Jew by nationality, is a native of Morocco, and Sarkozy as Minister of the interior known for their cruel actions against immigrants from North Africa.A game of chance in the fact that Cecilia met her future husband in November 2004, when his firm helped Sarkozy during the primaries. That is Nicolas Sarkozy himself introduced to Cecilia with a man who became her lover.About the novel Cecilia and Attias became known in 2005, when the magazine Paris Match published photos of a couple in love.Commenting on the information published in La Figaro, the newspaper "Maariv" also mentions the book "Cecilia", which recently came out in Paris. Journalist Anna Beaton notes that she is within five years of meeting with the main character of his book, and their dialogue formed the basis of the manuscript.The book says that the former first lady of France left her husband in 2005. Eight months she spent in America together with Aliacom. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears were more likely to let children (photo from a date)

Britney Spears were more likely to let children (photo from a date)Britney Spears started with a clean slate: she leads a healthy lifestyle, wants to soon return to the stage and establishes a relationship with ex-husband Kevin motherhood.Seeing attempts Britney "get on the right path," Kevin, who is officially entrusted the custody of their shared children, began to allow the singer to meet more often with his sons, ShowbizSpy writes. For example, she was allowed to spend the whole Mother's Day (may 11), along with Sean Preston and Jayden James. In addition, Spears wants to she has increased the frequency of visits with the boys and have already submitted the relevant documents. According to rumors, the father of the children against this, though not stated yet about the final agreement. Meantime, Britney is satisfied with the allotted meeting time, enjoying the fellowship with the children (see our photo gallery).Meanwhile, journalists recently found out how much money went from pop Princess since February 2007. It turned out that in more than a year Britney spent $61 million In her purse noticeably hit treatment for alcoholism, a trial on child custody and unsuccessful promotional campaign last disk. Читать полностью -->

Ricky Martin hits on Valeria

Ricky Martin hits on ValeriaVIP reception in the Austrian capital Valeria charmed Latin hunk Ricky Martin.The whole evening sweet-voiced singer was trying to go after the Russian star, and the next day was even invited her to dine in a more private setting.Valeria and her husband and producer Joseph Prigozhin flew to Austria on the opening ceremony of the Vienna forum. When the singer found out that she has to perform on the same stage with world famous Ricky Martin, she was a real delight. And at a private cocktail party, where we collected only the elect, Ricky personally took the initiative to get acquainted with the star from Russia, the newspaper "Your day".Oh Valerie I have heard a lot, said Ricky Martin. And personally acquainted, I realized that she is a strong person and a great singer. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to talk with her.At the dinner, where the artist met with representatives of the International organization for migration, Ricky Martin took the opportunity to go after the Russian star. Puerto Rican openly flirted with Valerie, giving her all kinds of favors to which the singer replied with a polite courtesy.Unknown to what the verge has gone on to singer, gala dinner but did not last long (thankfully for Martin: because next to the object of his passion was always Iosif Prigozhin!). Читать полностью -->

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