Model adriana Lima got naked for GQ magazine

Model adriana Lima got naked for GQ magazineBrazilian supermodel adriana Lima has posed naked in the latest issue of the American edition of GQ magazine, reports Hollyscoop.In an interview accompanying exotic photo shoot on the beach, the Victoria's Secret model spoke about how to be a man who wants to be with her."I like jealous men. Of course, there are boundaries, but sometimes you need to show your love. But the fight is never necessary. I don't like aggressive people," says Lima."A man should be polite, not only to me but to all. I pay attention to it. He is talking to a waiter, attendant, with driver. Читать полностью -->

Nastya Kamenskih caught with her lover fans

Nastya Kamenskih caught with her lover fansLovers caught fans of the singer, when the couple came out of the entrance of the house Nasty early morning.- Going into the entrance the night before, the couple had only Sunny in the morning, " says one of Nastinyh fans. Kamensky and Viter cooing like lovebirds, hugging and discussing plans for future meetings.- Bunny, I'm sorry, you have to understand that I can never meet in the evening - apologetically explained beloved Anastasia.- Nastya, I understand, but while we're both in Kiev, I want to be with you every minute. And you're always busy!Gennady conducted sweetheart to the car and carefully seated her in the salon, goodbye passionately kissed. Source: Nastya Kamenskih caught with her lover fans. . . Читать полностью -->

The authors `Classified material-2` revealed the mysteries of the film

The authors `Classified material-2` revealed the mysteries of the film10 years after the last full-length version of the TV series "Secret materials" was released, its creators decided to reveal some of the secrets of a sequel, which should hit the screens on 25 July, reports Reuters.The film is not yet named, will delight the audience with the return of actor David Duchovny in the role of Fox Mulder, and Gillian Anderson for the role of Dana Scully, FBI agents involved in the investigation of paranormal phenomena.The film deals with Director Chris Carter, the Creator of all seasons of the TV series "Secret materials" from 1993 to 2002. "I know how I want to call the film, but Fox has its own ideas on that score," said Carter. The Director and his longtime colleague, writer Frank Spotnitz showed at the 25th annual Television festival William Paley the trailer for the new project.The audience saw a lot of snow, car chases, secret operation, the helicopters, the attempted kiss between Mulder and Scully, as well as a crushing blow with a bat, Scully inflicted on the enemy. The film will unfold in six years after he completed the events of the series.The picture will become an independent film, and a continuation of the television project - it will not develop the theme of alien invasion. However, the authors mentioned some aspects of the series. For example, will the child Scully with supernatural powers normal boy. Читать полностью -->

Dita von Teese sports with two models (explicit photos)

Dita von Teese sports with two models (explicit photos)Glamorous stripper Dita von Teese in his youth was shot in hard porn, writes The Sun.In the Internet appeared lesbian video in which 35-year-old ex-wife of Marilyn Manson spank and pleasuring with the help of sex toys.This fact might not like the manufacturer of lingerie Wonderbra, which last month invited von Teese to advertise their products. Dita, real name Heather Sweet, had a positive impact on the image of the company and to develop your own collection of bras.However, the record made before Dita von Teese became famous, can shock the bosses of the company. In one scene, the stripper has fun with a leggy beauty with the use of a vibrator. In another, she sports two models in corsets.Executable Dita von Teese Striptease has acquired the reputation of this artistic spectacle that she even was invited to give an interview on the BBC. Source: Dita von Teese sports with two models (explicit photos). . Читать полностью -->

Bledans almost dislocated colleague's hand, shaking muscles

Bledans almost dislocated colleague's hand, shaking musclesIn the new TV series "Cops" fatal diva Evelina Bledans plays the role of a psychologist Nonna of Albertovna - ladies harsh and unyielding, groupies strength training and muscular figures. Specifically for this role, Evelina began to visit the gym.And also hired a personal trainer.- Nonna A., the character I play in this film, relaxing in a cafe, where these guys are going, " says Evelina. - Here it is with my character and loves to compete in this sport.Evelina is so accustomed to their role, that during the shooting competitions in armwrestling almost dislocated one of her colleagues a hand. Source: Bledans almost dislocated colleague's hand, shaking muscles. . . Читать полностью -->

John McCain `stepped` in sex scandal

John McCain `stepped` in sex scandalSenator John McCain, following the glorious traditions of American presidents and their associates, were at the center of public attention in connection with sexual scandal.According to the newspaper The New York Times, the candidate for US presidents from Republican party possibly had an affair with a pretty blonde enough to be his daughter. Certain Vicki iseman - lobbecke from Washington. She is now 40 years old, McCain is 71.As for the affair, sane policy journalists, it could be eight years ago, during the election campaign. The girl was followed everywhere by McCain - they were seen together in the office, on a plane, in meetings with potential voters.Out of fear that the reputation of a Senator may suffer, his advisers intervened in the most radical way. Any member of the staff of the election headquarters was commanded not to let aizman to McCain, but to the itself hinted that surrounded the Senator has no place.The New York Times unearthed the details of the story, thanks to anonymous sources close to McCain. According to them, it is for certain not known, whether there had been romantic relationship between McCain and iseman or not, but even their purely business relations could seriously damage the Republican. Читать полностью -->

Died the star of the movie `Jaws` Roy Scheider

Died the star of the movie `Jaws` Roy ScheiderAmerican actor Roy Scheider, best known for the Steven Spielberg film "Jaws," died in the night of Monday in the hospital of the University of Arkansas at the age of 75 years.Scheider suffered for many years from multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and died from complications caused by Staphylococcus, said his wife Brenda Seimer.The first serious role Scheider received in the film by Alan Pakula's "Klute" (1971), where he played a pimp in new York call girl (Jane Fonda). For "French coherent" Scheider, who plays a COP buddy Russo, won the first of two nominations for "Oscar" for best supporting actor, writes The New York Times.Roy Scheider was born November 10, 1932 in Orange (new Jersey). There he "earned" an indispensable part of their image - broken nose, speaking at the championship Boxing "Diamond gloves new Jersey". After attending College in Lancaster, the future actor had intended to continue studying at the faculty of law. However, after serving three years in the U.S. air force as an air traffic controller, Scheider serious about the scene.Professional debut Scheider was held in 1961 at new York's Shakespeare festival. Читать полностью -->

Elena Korikova was taken by ambulance from the set

Elena Korikova was taken by ambulance from the setShooting in the series require the artist maximum discipline and often takes the lion's share of time, so that the sleep and rest it. Some withstand such a frantic pace, but some require medical assistance.So, Elena Korikova, which plays a major role in the series "champion" last week I had the ambulance to take away from the movie set. Doctors made one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema, the diagnosis of "fatigue".Recall that in "the Champion" Elena embodies the image of a domineering, cruel businesswoman. According to the actress, this role is not easy, and sometimes her artificially have to look excessive harshness, with the force.The day she was taken to the hospital, Korikova had to play a difficult scene. Actress makeup, read the script and was going to change. But on the set she never came out.Sent to the dressing room, the administrator found Elena in a deplorable state. Читать полностью -->

The famous Director Zeffirelli turned 85

The famous Director Zeffirelli turned 85Outstanding theatre and film Director Franco Zeffirelli turns 85 years. Maestro Zeffirelli is known worldwide as a talented Director of films and Opera classics, including the operas Tosca, Cavalleria Rusticana, La Traviata, Carmen and many other musical masterpieces, ITAR-TASS reported.The film, which was made famous Zeffirelli in the 1960's, "the taming of the shrew" with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The second picture of "Romeo and Juliet" in 1968, received the "Oscar" in the category "Best film" and "Best Director". Then there were the "hamlet" with Mel Gibson, "Otello" with Placido Domingo, "La Traviata", "Tea with Mussolini", "the Story of Prunella", "Brother Sun, sister Moon". The last film "Callas forever" was released in 2002.Franco Zeffirelli awarded many honorary awards and titles, among them - the first joint award of the President of Russia and Prime Minister of Italy "Finest Italian friend of Russia" (2004), the title of knight of the British Empire "for his valuable contribution to British art" (2004).In addition, the famous Director is the winner of the national presidential award Italy in the field of culture "David di Donatello", the Rome prize UTO Hugo "for a career" (2005) , American Emmy award, award, British Academy film awards at festivals in Karlovy vary, San Sebastian and Cannes.Franco Zeffirelli, whose real name Gianfranco Corsi, was born in 1923 in Florence. Until 1945 he studied at the Academy of fine arts, then, refusing to serve in the Nazi army, he joined the partisans and a half years fighting in the mountains. Читать полностью -->

Home of Bruce Lee will sell to benefit victims of the earthquake

Home of Bruce Lee will sell to benefit victims of the earthquake86-year-old entrepreneur, who owns a two-storey house of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, decided to sell the building to raise funds to benefit victims of the earthquake in Sichuan.This statement alarmed many fans of the iconic actor and Director, said "News".They suggested philanthropist alternative solution is to preserve the mansion and make it a Museum and money for the tickets to send to the victims Fund from the elements.Now the building is dilapidated, it is a cheap Motel.The President of the fan club of Bruce Lee intends to meet personally with the elderly owner of the house and talk him down. Source: House of Bruce Lee will sell to benefit victims of the earthquake. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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