Angelina Jolie has confirmed that awaits the twins

Angelina Jolie has confirmed that awaits the twinsAccording to Jolie, to give birth she will most likely be in France, where the actress is now taking part in the Cannes film festival.Angelina Jolie finally personally confirmed what the rumor for several months, namely that she is pregnant with twins, according to Reuters.The recognition of a 32-year-old Angelina made during the interview to the TV Today, which she gave with actor Jack black. Together they are involved in articulating the new animated film "Kung fu Panda"."I am very happy. Unlike most women, I love being pregnant. As if your whole body is working for the baby," she said. About the future children angelina didn't ask, but according to unofficial information, it comes to girls. The baby will be the fifth and sixth child in the family Jolie and brad pitt. Читать полностью -->

Son of bekhemov suddenly gave a break at the Spice Girls concert

Son of bekhemov suddenly gave a break at the Spice Girls concert The youngest of three sons of Victoria Beckham - 2-year-old Cruz suddenly decided to dance breakdance on stage while the band sang his famous song "Mama, I Love You".Room thought very touching: spice things started to sing the song, holding hands, and then came on the stage to their children, writes British newspaper the Daily Mail. Mel b was holding 10-month-old daughter angel from Eddie Murphy, Jerry - year-old Bluebell Madonna, Emma bunton showed to the audience the little boy, Beau, who is only 6 months. Victoria was accompanied by three heroes - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Bekhema, dressed in identical caps and funny t-shirts.Unexpectedly for the audience and the singers younger brother decided to show their bratersky talent. He stepped forward and has done several fashion movements and even tried to whirl in my head. None of this obviously did not expect Melani brown for a few moments, lost songs, laughing. Proud Victoria stood behind and smiled.All agreed on the opinion that the performance of young of the breakers managed. Читать полностью -->

Harry Potter smokes like a chimney, to look older

Harry Potter smokes like a chimney, to look olderThe performer of the role of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radciffe smokes a pack a day. Colleagues say that the shooting of a new movie about the young wizard's 18-year-old Daniel lights a cigarette every time the Director yells "Cut", reports The Sun.An informed source says, "recently, Danielle smokes a pack a day. His friends and colleagues, for example, Rupert Greene, warn him about the dangers of Smoking, but he wouldn't listen".In addition, the producers are afraid that Smoking can destroy the "child" image of the actor and advised him not to appear with a cigarette in public, however, Redlip continues to smoke like a chimney".They say the habit Daniel picked up from their senior colleagues - Kevin spacey and Stephen fry, with whom he spends a lot of time. Source: Harry Potter smokes like a chimney, to look older. . . Читать полностью -->

Julia Nachalova shocked colleagues for his fullness

Julia Nachalova shocked colleagues for his fullnessOn the set of new talk show "50 blondes," in which participated Julia Nachalova, the singer shocked his colleagues completeness. As it turned out, the girl just last month added seven kilos.- It's a disaster, " admitted the celebrity. - After delivery I lost a lot of weight, now I can not understand, in what business. Like, eat the same, and recover easy on the eyes.Soon, the singer is going to seriously figure and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination, according to the newspaper "Your day". Source: Julia Nachalova shocked colleagues for his fullness. . Читать полностью -->

Glyukoza promptly flew to America

Glyukoza promptly flew to AmericaAfter gross violations of the law in the state of Florida Glucose left America. But now Russian singer in a hurry to go back, to attend the court hearing.A summons to appear in U.S. court Natalia Ionova at first not taken seriously and flew home as soon as her vacation came to an end. In Russia Natasha without any remorse began a regular touring schedule, not worrying about the possible consequences.The seriousness Glucose is realized only after consultation with their lawyers. The lawyer of the singer insisted that Ionova promptly flew to America and attended the meeting, pending her trial. Glucose had to heed the words of the lawyers and to cancel some concerts of his tour.Soon Russian celebrity will return to the U.S., or because of their hasty flight from American justice, she will lose the opportunity to visit the States. Читать полностью -->

From the apartment of the leader `Bahyt-Compote` stole `silver Shoe`

From the apartment of the leader `Bahyt-Compote` stole `silver Shoe`Last weekend, thieves broke into the Moscow apartment of the poet and musician Vadim Stepantsov. Together with the values they decided to grab it the "Silver Shoe" - the award for the most dubious achievements in the field of Russian show business."On Sunday, the police asked the poet Vadim Stepantsov. The man stated that unknown, picking up the keys to the castle door of his apartment in the house on the street Gavrilova, snuck in and stole 100 thousand rubles, three exclusive watches and also the musical award "the Silver galosh", then disappeared," an informed source told the Interfax news Agency.Apparently criminals were three, as in the apartment of the leader of the group "Bahyt-Compote" and Creator of the literary Association "Order of courtly Mannerist" were found fingerprints of three different people. Currently the company is in search of criminals. Source: From the apartment of the leader of the "Bahyt-Compote" stole "the silver galosh"". . Читать полностью -->

Cameron Diaz new boyfriend

Cameron Diaz new boyfriendCameron Diaz romance with Gerard Butler. According to the Sunday Mirror, for the last ten days at the famous actress and star of the film "the 300 Spartans" was at least three dates.Last week I saw them at the Shutters hotel in Los Angeles. An eyewitness said: "They went out on the balcony to watch the sunset. With one hand he hugged her waist Cameron laughed all the time, touched his chest and whispered something in his ear".35-year-old Diaz and 38-year-old Butler were seen in Teddy bar in the Roosevelt hotel and a romantic dinner at the Chateau Marmont, in Los Angeles.Cameron Diaz, who in January last year, broke up with her younger lover 27-year-old Justin Timberlake, with whom she was together for three years, had earlier met with such actors as Matt Damon and Jared Leto. Source: Cameron Diaz new boyfriend. . Читать полностью -->

Vyacheslav Tikhonov underwent complex surgery

Vyacheslav Tikhonov underwent complex surgeryThe famous "Stirlitz" Vyacheslav Tikhonov in the Central clinical hospital a month and a half ago, just on the eve of his 80th birthday. Doctors already knew that surgery would be difficult to avoid.Surgery elderly people usually suffer heavily, so doctors still hoped to cope with the illness of the artist in a different way. Tikhonov was appointed drug treatment, the results of which are initially encouraging.However, some time later, feeling Vyacheslav deteriorated, he developed heart problems. A few weeks, the doctors tried to cope with several diseases, who defeated the eminent patient.After several consultations, the experts admitted that without surgery to remove the infringement of a hernia can not do. Tikhonova prooperirovali Wednesday morning.On the operating table, the actor spent about two hours. The most complicated operation in the abdomen was more or less successfully. Читать полностью -->

The most annoying Hollywood stars

The most annoying Hollywood starsTabloid Newspapers around the world published in millions of copies, informing each day new details from the life of stars at very different levels. Readers are kept abreast of where celebrities go, what to eat and drink, sleep with.However, the constant presence in the centre of attention leads to the fact that many stars starting to annoy me.American business magazine Forbes has decided to make a list of celebrities that no one else wants to see. It was 15 people.According to the Los Angeles organization E-Poll Market Researc, which studies the ratings of more than 3,000 celebrities, the most "bored" was the star of Paris Hilton. 70% of American respondents believe that by socialite chained unjustly lot of attention. For comparison, at the peak of popularity, this index of most stars is 3-7%.Company Paris on the list of most annoying was also Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins.Chapter E-Poll Gerry Philpott said that fame and glory is not equivalent things. Constant presence in the press and on the Internet can give prominence to, but not necessarily fame. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was invited to speak before the Arab sheikhs

Britney Spears was invited to speak before the Arab sheikhsSinger Britney Spears invited to the United Arab Emirates to speak to the sheiks for $ 4 million, reports the Daily Star.To organize the trip volunteered a native of Pakistan Shiraz Hassan, who with the support of the Dubai investors opened reporting Agency A Muslim supposedly already convinced rich sheikhs to pay a 26-year-old Spears is such a fabulous price for a private concert."I'm taking in Dubai Paris Hilton and then Britney. She will have there own island. Money is not the issue when it comes to Britney. There will take care of it and return back to Los Angeles in one piece. She's a grown woman and if she is ready to get out in Dubai even without the consent of his father-guardian, we will be glad to help her," says Hassan.Hassan adds that once during the Hajj to Mecca he came across the newspaper in which it was written about Britney. Читать полностью -->

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