The most annoying Hollywood stars

The most annoying Hollywood starsTabloid Newspapers around the world published in millions of copies, informing each day new details from the life of stars at very different levels. Readers are kept abreast of where celebrities go, what to eat and drink, sleep with.However, the constant presence in the centre of attention leads to the fact that many stars starting to annoy me.American business magazine Forbes has decided to make a list of celebrities that no one else wants to see. It was 15 people.According to the Los Angeles organization E-Poll Market Researc, which studies the ratings of more than 3,000 celebrities, the most "bored" was the star of Paris Hilton. 70% of American respondents believe that by socialite chained unjustly lot of attention. For comparison, at the peak of popularity, this index of most stars is 3-7%.Company Paris on the list of most annoying was also Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins.Chapter E-Poll Gerry Philpott said that fame and glory is not equivalent things. Constant presence in the press and on the Internet can give prominence to, but not necessarily fame. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was invited to speak before the Arab sheikhs

Britney Spears was invited to speak before the Arab sheikhsSinger Britney Spears invited to the United Arab Emirates to speak to the sheiks for $ 4 million, reports the Daily Star.To organize the trip volunteered a native of Pakistan Shiraz Hassan, who with the support of the Dubai investors opened reporting Agency A Muslim supposedly already convinced rich sheikhs to pay a 26-year-old Spears is such a fabulous price for a private concert."I'm taking in Dubai Paris Hilton and then Britney. She will have there own island. Money is not the issue when it comes to Britney. There will take care of it and return back to Los Angeles in one piece. She's a grown woman and if she is ready to get out in Dubai even without the consent of his father-guardian, we will be glad to help her," says Hassan.Hassan adds that once during the Hajj to Mecca he came across the newspaper in which it was written about Britney. Читать полностью -->

Sister Spears would formalize the relationship with Origem

Sister Spears would formalize the relationship with OrigemJamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of singer Britney Spears is preparing to legalize the relationship with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge. As we have mentioned, the pair soon expecting the birth of a child.Jamie Lynn is only 16 years old, and her pregnancy was a shock not only for her family but for all of America. An interesting situation has put the girl almost on a par with the infamous sister Britney.However, while the press is no more reasons to lash out at Jamie Lynn. Except for the early pregnancies in her life, it develops clear to all scenario. So, 16 year old Jamie Lynn is going to get married. The first step is already done.Jamie Lynn and father of her unborn child Casey Aldridge engaged, writes Us Weekly. Читать полностью -->

Mikhail Galustyan was on the operating table

Mikhail Galustyan was on the operating table Popular actor Mikhail Galustyan removed an Appendix, writes "Your day" .28-year-old showman, the main character of the popular program "Our Russia", during the scoring of the new cartoon suddenly twisted with pain in the abdomen.The engineer called on duty at the site of a doctor. The doctor decided that the humorist acute attack of appendicitis. After a couple of minutes raced the ambulance took showman 61 in the city hospital, where it was safely operated.According to doctors, the operation was successful. In the evening the temperature of the actor fell to 37.5 degrees. However, on Monday morning she went up to 38.5 degrees. As suggested by experts, the body is still going inflammatory processes. Читать полностью -->

Timur Rodrigez: Sexuality is a personal choice

Timur Rodrigez: Sexuality is a personal choiceResident "Comedy club" Timur Rodrigez - recognized pet girls. This is understandable, because his endless humor, energy and bright outfits leave no one indifferent.In recent years, do not cease the rumors about his impending wedding. Timur, though admits that he is now a man in love, claims that in the near future is not going to marry. However, the views of the private life is very serious.- Timur, they say you soon for all outfits will have an entire room to dedicate?- Yes, it would not hurt, but so far this is not possible. Outfits is really a lot. Most of all I'm worried about hats. Читать полностью -->

Wesley snipes jailed for three years

Wesley snipes jailed for three yearsThe American Prosecutor demands to sentence Hollywood actor Wesley snipes to three years imprisonment and fined 5 million dollars for tax evasion.In February, snipes was convicted of tax evasion, but the court acquitted him on more serious charges, including fraud, BBC reports.Now the public Prosecutor requires the actor the maximum punishment for an offense. The verdict of the star of "blade" will read April 24. The actor has not commented on the claims of the Prosecutor.In court papers filed in court by Prosecutor Robert O'neill, the Prosecutor indicates that demand maximum punishment, because snipes ' case provides "a unique opportunity to warn all US residents from committing tax crimes". "About 10 years snipes was engaged in concealment from payment of taxes", - reads the statement of the Ministry of justice."According to internal IRS, snipes didn't pay 15 million dollars in taxes, and his fraudulent scheme caused the U.S. Treasury losses in the amount of 41 million dollars", -stated in the document.During the January hearing, the snipes ' lawyer, stated that he pleads guilty and should get the money back. However, the protection of the actor denied any allegations of criminal offences, but stating that all operations snipes committed according to the law.Note, in the 1990s, enterprising financiers Eddie ray Kahn and Douglas Rosal founded American Rights Litigators, which helped their customers to legally avoid paying taxes. Читать полностью -->

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