Died an American theoretical physicist John Wheeler

Died an American theoretical physicist John WheelerDied a theoretical physicist John Wheeler (John A. Wheeler) was one of the creators of the atomic bomb and the author of the term "black hole", according to the AP.Wheeler, as told by members of his family, died 13 April 2008 of pneumonia at the age of 96.Wheeler was born on 9 July 1911 in Jacksonville, Florida. Getting 1932 doctoral degree in physics, Wheeler went to Denmark, where he joined the team at the Niels Bohr won the Nobel prize in 1922.In early 1939, Wheeler returned to the United States and during the Second world war worked on the Manhattan project to develop the atomic bomb. Later Wheeler took an active part in the development of the hydrogen bomb in the framework of the project "the Matterhorn".Since the mid-1950s, John Wheeler was involved in the problems of relativistic astrophysics and gravitation theory, identifying, in particular, the framework of geometrodynamics, studying the structure of space-time small scale. In 1957 at one of the conferences Wheeler first proposed the term "black hole" to describe a space object, the resulting relativistic gravitational collapse of massive bodies.C 1938 to 1976, Wheeler served as Professor of physics at Princeton University, and in 1976 he accepted the offer to head the Centre for theoretical physics the University of Texas. While teaching Wheeler his pupils were such prominent American physicists like Kip Thorne (Kip Thorne), Hugh Everett (Hugh Everett) and Richard Feynman (Richard Feynman) - Nobel laureate, 1965. Читать полностью -->

Heather mills plans to Rob Paul McCartney to the skin

Heather mills plans to Rob Paul McCartney to the skinDissatisfied with the amount of compensation as a result of divorce, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, Heather mills, is trying to prove that the condition of the Beatles much more than those 400 million pounds, which said the judge, writes Daily Mail.Close to Heather's sources say that she hired a team of auditors from the firm Lee and Allen, who will have to assess the property of her former husband.At an impromptu press conference after the divorce mills, as you know, said: "We all know that he has 800 million pounds. He has 15 years was 800 million". In fact, in last year's list of the richest Britons Paul McCartney appeared with the figure of 825 million pounds.In addition, mills intends to engage another firm that will analyze music rights, business and real estate McCartney. She claims that her ex himself told her that he at least 800 million pounds.Mills complains that she can't bring up my daughter from McCartney, Beatrice, on those 35 thousand pounds a year (70 thousand dollars) that awarded court. This money for a year is not enough. And she intends to prove it. Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most influential couples in show business

The ranking of the most influential couples in show business Forbes magazine named the 12 most influential couples in the world of show business. They are not only beautiful and famous, but also have the trust and respect.The Forbes experts traced some of the famous couples most often mentioned in the press and on the Internet who appears in the queries of search engines and discussed in blogs. In the spotlight was not only "current" pair, but the stars who recently broke up, but remain under discussion and interesting to the public.The undisputed leaders of the rating were Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, speakers so well matched that over the ocean the couple became known as "Brangelina". In General, however, together, the stars easier outperform their separate rivals in the fight for the attention of the public. And, hence, in the fight for advertising contracts and fees, notes Rockfeller.So, according to Forbes, the most influential in the world of show business these are 12 pairs:1. Brangelina, or Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie.2. Читать полностью -->

Ireland will present on `Eurovision` puppet Turkey

Ireland will present on `Eurovision` puppet TurkeyThe people of Ireland voted for their country at the "Eurovision" was the hero of a children's program, puppet Dustin the Turkey.This choice has caused resentment among the winners of the contest, the singer Dana, who has urged Ireland to refuse to participate in the contest. Previously against the nomination of Dustin was an Irish composer and the author of two winning Eurovision songs Frank McNamara, who called the decision "absolutely shameful", reports the BBC.Career Given began in 1970 when she won Eurovision with the song All Kinds of Everything. The singer is sure that now the competition is in serious danger. "I think it makes a mockery of the competition. If we think it's so funny, let's will not participate in the competition," she said, adding that it is impossible to put the Turkey it one stage with musical performers, who are desperately trying to break into the music industry.Since the early 90's Dustin became the star of the show channel RTE DIN. Its creators believe that the song Irelande Douze Pointe will appeal to European audiences. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise chose his wife with the help of casting

Tom cruise chose his wife with the help of castingSensational statement in an interview with the News of the World did former Scientologist mark Higli. According to him, Tom cruise chose his wife with a fake casting organized by Scientologists.According to Mark, Gigli, after her divorce from Penelope Cruz actor Tom cruise complained to the leader of Scientology David Miscavige that he is unlucky with women. After that they decided to hold a fake casting session, during which the actress allegedly was the selection process for the filming of the movie with Tom cruise. The girls had to be beautiful, charming, young and unmarried.During the selection Cruz rejected Erik Christensen, Eric Howard and Sofia Milos. Actresses Jennifer garner and Jessica Alba refused to pass the casting. Scarlett Johansson, when she learned that auditions will be held in the Center of Scientology in Hollywood, also refused the offer. Читать полностью -->


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