3D entry by 15-year-old pop singer is a leader in the rental USA

3D entry by 15-year-old pop singer is a leader in the rental USA3D recording of a concert tour 15-year-old American pop singer Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert created by the Disney Studio, won first place in the U.S. box office.Earning for the first weekend of 29 million dollars. The Disney Studio planned to show a documentary picture of the week, but after such a huge success decided to extend the demonstration, reports AP.The film, which presents itself as a 15-year-old Cyrus and her character from the popular children's series of the Disney channel Hannah Montana, send young fans of the singer who were unable to attend her concerts as part of a tour 2006-2007 Best of Both Worlds Concert.Technology 3-D gave the audience an opportunity to experience the concert that was certainly piqued the interest of fans Cyrus. "The audience screamed. The atmosphere in the cinema was the same as at the concert. At the end of each song, there was applause, " said Disney President mark Zoradi. Читать полностью -->

Face Lindsay Lohan is covered with spots

Face Lindsay Lohan is covered with spotsBecause of too frequent visits to tanning salons face the stars "Freaky Friday" Lindsay Lohan mottled.However, she stubbornly refuses to notice this problem and continues to walk the streets in search of new places for sunbathing.And even though this is a cosmetic defect, MTV has offered Lindsay own reality show. In it, according to him, Lohan must behave as always: daily change of lovers, to drink to excess and hang out all day. Source: Face Lindsay Lohan is covered with spots. . . . Читать полностью -->

In Ufa showed up double Bilan

In Ufa showed up double Bilan On its similarity to the famous singer 20-year-old utimes Arthur Isdigital - simple waiter of one of the Ufa restaurants - not complaining.On the contrary, it helps him earn a living, because of a tip, by his own admission, he gets almost five times more than colleagues. Indeed, among the visitors of the restaurant dish, served Dima Bilan, though not real, is valued much higher, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- Sometimes change is obtained, and a continuous photographing, smiling Arthur. - Some really do think that I am he, the money offered for photographing. I have to explain that I just double.Familiar 20-year-old Arthur Edigarov sometimes reproached him, saying that even if similar, why would "mow"under Bilan? Even hair one did. And then Arthur is the umpteenth time you have to prove that his hair he made long, as appeared on the stage its popular counterpart.- By the way, I called several times some of the businessmen and offered to perform live, " says the guy. - I needed only to open his mouth but to dance to Belanovsky "plywood". Читать полностью -->

Meladze `molested` 17 fans

Meladze `molested` 17 fansNot every day in the Palace "Ukraine" there are such bizarre events. Valery Meladze gave in Kiev two concerts in a row. On Saturday, his performance fans will remember for a long time.The singer was in high spirits - first said that he was going to sing but and long and informative chat with the audience.He kept his promise, after each song professing his love for the city of Kiev and Kiev, but was mostly busy with kisses. Meladze, apparently, has set a record for the number of bouquets presented to him. Flowers literally carried continuously and the performance lasted about two hours. Daryl and long-legged girls in spring-short skirts, and fans of pre-school age, and men of different generations.One of the giver was, according to Meladze, the son of his classmate: "That's such a tall young man, and I still remember his baby - it's awful!" - joked the singer. Читать полностью -->

Young stars coming on the heels of the old-timers Hollywood

Young stars coming on the heels of the old-timers Hollywood Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman aren't girls. When they "get in the flow" who will come in their place ? Who we'll be cheering tomorrow ? Meet the five young Actresses today who are already close to the top.One of the main contenders - Aishwarya Rai - "proud Indian", says the magazine Sim...In 1994, Aishwarya became the winner of the title miss India. In the same year, she wore the crown of miss world. According to rumors, the unofficial host of this contest Richard Steinmetz, captivated by the beauty of the girl, he immediately made her a lucrative offer of an intimate nature. Indian it categorically rejected, saying that she is a professional model and is not going to become a professional kept.In 1997, Rai made her debut in films. Her career quickly went downhill. Читать полностью -->

Isabella Rossellini starred in `Green porno`

Isabella Rossellini starred in `Green porno`Famous model and actress, always noted for his courage in choosing movie roles, in 55 years, seems to have outdone herself.Made his debut in direction, taking off a few one-minute films designed for computer screens and mobile phones. And played in each of them the main role - Firefly, spider, Strekoza and other insects male. In a suit or other insect Isabella first talks about the specifics of his sex life, and then copulates pretty smartly with the layout of the corresponding females, continuing to make the necessary explanations... a Project entitled "Green porno" was a great success at festivals in Sundance and Berlin, and in early may will be available for viewing on the websiteOnce Rossellini was a style icon, and now portrays snails.- I was always interested in the behavior of insects. Not only their sex life, although she is very funny, isn't it? says the daughter of great parents, Director Roberto Rossellini and Hollywood legend Ingrid Bergman. And here is a television channel owned by the Sundance film festival, invited me to shoot short films for his website. Читать полностью -->

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