Semenovich sat on a strict diet

Semenovich sat on a strict dietAnna Semenovich, now touring across Siberia with the popular show "Ice age", decided to improve their already attractive form and sat on a strict protein diet- Actually, I figure all is well, I try not to eat after six and carefully choose products, - said Anna. - But since I'm now on tour, we eat at different times because of jet lag. That's why I decided to go on a protein diet. I chose it because I love meat.Despite the start of a week ago Orthodox fasting, Anya demands from the organizers of the tour, each time before the beginning of the speech in the dressing room were several types of meat products. Source: S. of the village on a strict diet. Читать полностью -->

The band's new album `Alice` presented in Green theatre

The band's new album `Alice` presented in Green theatreAt the concert of "Alice" in "B1" six months long ago, the audience came to their senses, counting ribs and teeth. Twelve men then filed a lawsuit for the protection of the club, accusing it of causing bodily harm.Rare concert of "Alice" could get away without a bruise from capowski batons: too nervous guards are traditional for fans of "Alice" fire-show. Actually, her concerts somewhat similar to football matches. And not only euphoria. A huge amount of pyrotechnics, Imperial flags and nationalist-minded citizens at concerts stadium tends to normal.However, in the Green theater in Gorky Park, the guards paid little attention to themselves, not responding to traditional violations of fire safety rules. Probably because the bulk of the army of fans of "Alice" still continued to be peace-loving longhairs with benches Chistoprudny Boulevard, the happy owners of wristbands with Choi and backpacks with "Anarchy". Читать полностью -->

Volochkova told about her pregnancy

Volochkova told about her pregnancyAnastasia after celebrated two weeks ago of the birthday is doing that refutes rumours associated with this holiday. First of all discussed exuberant dancing ballerina, then spoke about her desire to soon give birth to a son.Tired of the gossip, the ballerina she decided to talk about the upcoming addition to your family. And found that while specific plans in this regard Anastasia no."After the birth of the Internet wrote: "Volochkova is expecting a son," says the dancer. Someone, apparently, as x-ray, he sees right through me".On the question of whether she wants more children, Volochkova said vaguely."Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Anyway, how can a child plan? "says the ballerina. - You can only dream about that future I had a son. Читать полностью -->

Alexander Yakovlev in style to celebrate the birthday

Alexander Yakovlev in style to celebrate the birthdayThe birthday celebration Yakovlev took place in one of the Mexican restaurants in Moscow. Among the invited guests could see the family of the singer, sound producers and close friends, including from the world of show business.The hero of the occasion thoroughly prepared for the birthday celebration. In its programme "to warm up" he turned crazy race in karting in the heart of Moscow. Yakovlev and his guests staged a battle for life and death.Thank God no one was hurt. And the birthday boy even won, which is not surprising. The winner went up on the podium, poured champagne all together with the guests, went to eat at a restaurant. Читать полностью -->

The court annulled the marriage of Paul McCartney and Heather mills

The court annulled the marriage of Paul McCartney and Heather millsJudge of the Supreme court in London announced the divorce decree, which annulled the marriage between Paul McCartney and Heather mills.None of the parties were not present during the dissolution of marriage on the basis that the musician and former model living separately for two years, BBC reports.The divorce decree mills opens access to nearly 50 million dollars compensation, which in March she was awarded the Supreme court. Formally, the marriage will be terminated after six weeks final court decision.Divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather mills has become one of the main themes of most of the world media. The former wife of musician failed to achieve a ban on the publication of the court decision. Judge justice Bennett noted that the testimony of mills were "inconsistent, inaccurate" and didn't impress him. The former"beatle", according to the judge, on the contrary appeared to be "consistent, accurate and honest.". . Читать полностью -->

Zhigunov decided to stay away from ex-lover

Zhigunov decided to stay away from ex-loverFamous actor Sergey Zhigunov intends to spend several months away from a former lover and is already looking an apartment in Kiev.This unexpected decision by the 45-year-old actor took after a recent filming of the final series "My fair nanny".We now have a "Midshipman" and TV series "the nanny" is not even internally working meetings. Sergei goes to cities and villages in Kiev and Rostov, where for six long months to work on new films.ShootingWork in Ukraine and in southern Russia now also. Away from the bustle of Moscow and secular affectedness Zhigunov will probably be easier to deal with loneliness and to survive the separation from the beloved is now the former.Interesting suggestions, which come from organisers of major festivals and events, Sergey strongly rejects. For example, Zhigunov waiting on "Kinotavr", but, alas, Sochi on a working map of the actor does not appear.- A lot of work now, and all of it involves travel. One film we're shooting in Rostov, and the second, probably in Kiev. Exact agreement yet, but I have a feeling that it will be still in Kiev, - has shared with "TD" Sergey. Читать полностью -->

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