The Russian delegation in the UN refused to listen to George Clooney

The Russian delegation in the UN refused to listen to George ClooneyA group of UN delegates, in particular from Russia and France, refused to listen at a meeting of the organization of the speech of the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, the newly appointed Ambassador of peace by the United Nations.Writes about this on Friday the British Independent.Clooney - the last of the ambassadors to the UN from show business, and in this role he recently visited Darfur, seeing firsthand the conditions that, according to many observers, require the presence of some UN peace keeping forces. According to rumors, this is what the actor was going to tell the UN delegates in new York. Naturally, the press flocked EN masse to listen to the lecture Clooney before those who are invariably called "international community".However, before beginning his speech, the group of delegates - many suspect that at its head stood France and Russia stated that they do not want any American actor held several lectures about their political responsibilities. Or, as noted by a spokesman for the Russian mission to the UN, Maria Zakharova, "it's not right for Clooney forum. However, she added that "Russia fully supports the activities of celebrities, which promotes the role of the UN", writes the British newspaper.It is likely that this resistance could only give the emissary of the Putin government, which is known for its hard - if not "deadly" - a contempt for all that is dear to the West (and nothing is so expensive in the West as the film business), the newspaper notes. Definitely it is difficult to imagine that with such disrespect to blue blood "show-business" attitude of some British or American politician, indicates Independent. Читать полностью -->

Tsereteli has carved in Volgograd bronze Hippo

Tsereteli has carved in Volgograd bronze HippoThe President of the Russian Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli will give children Volgograd bronze statue of a hippopotamus, reports "Interfax".Sculpture height of 0.9 m and a length of 1.5 meters will be installed in Wednesday, April 23, before the building of the new children's entertainment complex "Hippopo".Zurab Tsereteli has carved Hippo at the request of management of the children's complex. The sculpture is a charitable project. Source: Tsereteli has carved in Volgograd bronze Hippo. . . . Читать полностью -->

Employees fired for viewing the records Spears

Employees fired for viewing the records SpearsFor viewing medical records of Britney Spears will be fired 13 employees13 members of the Los Angeles UCLA medical center.Here in the beginning of the year was undergoing psychiatric treatment pop singer Britney Spears will be dismissed for violation of the privacy act, reports the Los Angeles Times.Six more physicians will receive disciplinary punishment for viewing data about the mental state of the singer a computer database.Peeping in the medical records Spears, doctors of the UCLA center violated state and Federal laws. The penalty for these offenses can be up to 250 thousand dollars. On Friday, the United States Department of health began investigating the activities of the medical center.Recall that in September 2005, several UCLA employees have already been convicted of illegal medical reports on the health status of Britney Spears. Then the singer was in office center in Santa Monica (Santa Monica) after the birth of her first son Sean Preston (Sean Preston)."I am very upset and disappointed," said Gerry Simpson (Jeri Simpson, Director of human resources office of the centre in Santa Monica, engaged in the investigation of the incident in 2005. "I thought we were doing everything possible to ensure the confidentiality of information about our patients. It's awful to feel that the situation repeated," added Simpson.Britney Spears was taken to the psychiatric ward of UCLA medical center January 31, 2008. Читать полностью -->

77-year-old actor Lev Durov urgently hospitalized

77-year-old actor Lev Durov urgently hospitalizedPopular actor Lev Durov was urgently hospitalized at Botkin hospital. 77-year-old actor before he fainted during a rehearsal of the play, according to the resource "first aid" delivered " and in response to the Department of cardiac intensive care Botkin hospital. The famous actor treated by the best doctors of the clinic. Lev Durov did not lose heart: "Nothing in my life happens, so I don't despair".Lev Durov was born 23 December 1931 in Moscow. Comes from the famous dynasty of Russian circus performers - animal trainers and clowns.In school Lev Durov she studied at the drama Studio in the Palace of pioneers Bauman district, then he entered the School-Studio of MKHAT.In 1954, after graduating from the School-Studio of MKHAT Director of the Central children's theatre Shakh-Azizov invited Durov to work in their company. He agreed and in September came to my first gathering of the troupe, where he met with Anatoly Efros, which then didn't leave for almost 27 years. Читать полностью -->

Psychologists: Over a lifetime should not be more than 30 sex partners

Psychologists: Over a lifetime should not be more than 30 sex partnersPoliticians use any means to attract attention, sympathy, and possibly votes. But, possibly, the equipment used by Nick Clegg, is unprecedented.Nick Clegg leads the British liberal Democrats, a small and always a "third" party, after the British labour party and the conservatives.In an interview to the British edition of GQ magazine Clegg said that in all his life had been in bed with three dozen women. To clarify the interviewer, journalist Pierre Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror, one of the most scandalous Metropolitan publications, asked: "How many women can say with certainty that you are good in bed?" And when Clegg began in confusion to stutter, Pierre Morgan, quickly suggested: "10, 20, 30?" - leaving the phrase unfinished. "No more than 30," replied Clegg embarrassed, immediately adding: - a Lot less than 30".But the number has already been declared and immediately repeated in all media sources. 40-year-old politician, no different stunning looks, suddenly turned into a sex symbol Westminster.In Whitehall, the headquarters of the British government, began the discussion: how many women (or men, if the question were asked the lady or the girl you went to bed? He was followed by other questions: 30 sexual partners is a lot or not.In 2007 in 26 countries by order Durex conducted a study that has proven that life men is 13 partners, women - 7 partners. A study conducted by psychologist Norman brown of the University of Alberta has completed other results: in men, an average of 31 partner, in women, rarely, 9 partners.However, most research has proved that by answering such questions, people often lie. Читать полностью -->

Prince Harry Afghanistan became dearer to England

Prince Harry Afghanistan became dearer to EnglandPrince Harry, who had served in Afghanistan for the last two and a half months, admitted that he's actually not very fond of England and hates "all the nonsense", which writes the British press, Reuters reports.In an interview Harry said that he liked to be in the combat zone, instead of "sitting around" in the Royal castle at Windsor."I don't want to sit around in Windsor. I'm not so much like England - it's good to be away from the press, Newspapers and all the shit they write," said the Prince.Such statements Harry is unlikely to appeal to his supporters in England, the Agency said. English society has repeatedly condemned the behavior of the Prince. So, in 2005, was published photos showing Harry in Nazi uniform. In London, he constantly got in the lens, drunk dancing in Nightclubs with his girlfriend. Known and clashes Prince with his own father - Prince Charles - from Smoking cannabis.Harry is the first member of the Royal family that took part in military action since the Falklands war of 1982 between Britain and Argentina. Читать полностью -->

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