Elizabeth II granted her grandson a knight's chin

Elizabeth II granted her grandson a knight's chinBritain's Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday announced that Prince William was appointed commander of the order of the Garter, reports Sky News. The Prince will be knighted at a ceremony to be held in June.William became thousandth commander of the order - the oldest chivalric order in the world. Currently the members of the order of the Garter are also Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Phillip, the children of the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.The order was established on 23 April 1348 by king Edward III. Since then, the head of the order, which is the king or Queen of the United Kingdom, announces the appointment of new members on this day - the Day of St. George. At a time members of the order of the companions - may be no more than 25 people. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie will give birth in Paris

Angelina Jolie will give birth in ParisBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie buy a 850-year-old stone house in the town Agile in the French Provence, where they intend to move before the birth of the actress, who is now pregnant for the second time.As Us Weekly reports with reference to the realtors, the historic structure called Mas de la Chapelle St. Sixte, estimated at $ 20 million, has attracted a pair last year, but pitt lost interest after learning that he won't be allowed to arrange the racetrack at the adjacent garden area of five acres.Now, however, when it became possible, they decided to buy a house where you can move in for the birth, which should occur in late summer. Mother Jolie, actress Marslen Bertrand, as you know, had French roots. Jolie is already negotiating with the American hospital in Paris on the occasion of childbirth.Together with the future child the couple will have five children. They already have two girls - mother daughter Shiloh and reception of the male, and adopted sons Maddox and pax. However, rumor has it that Angelina this time pregnant with twins. Читать полностью -->

Decided favorites 61st Cannes film festival

Decided favorites 61st Cannes film festivalDisplay the shiny tape famous American actor and Director Clint Eastwood "Changeling" was marked by the seventh day of the 61st Cannes film festival.In this picture played well located at the peak of his creative career, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, ITAR-TASS reported.Triumphant reception of the new Eastwood film of the Cannes film festival makes it a favorite for winning the main prize of this largest and most prestigious film festival in the world.The events of the mystery Thriller "Changeling" occur in the 20-ies. Angelina Jolie plays the mother, which return a kidnapped child. Thus it seems that the child have changed. The film starred Amy Ryan and John Malkovich.In "Substitution" Clint Eastwood managed to combine the drama of the individual with a deep social analysis of the crisis of public authority. The fact that the film made on real facts, only enhances the sound.The Clint Eastwood movie participates in the Cannes film festival for the fifth time. "Starting his career as a Director 38 years ago, I thought it will not last long," said Eastwood on Tuesday during a press conference. Читать полностью -->

With BBC Radio 4 presenter was acquitted of charges of rape

With BBC Radio 4 presenter was acquitted of charges of rapeThe court acquitted British radio presenter Nigel Wrench (Nigel Wrench) rape of a student, writes The Times.Recall that the 47-year-old presenter of BBC Radio 4 was accused of 1 January 2007 after the Christmas party he invited 27-year-old young man to his home, put him in champagne potent drug, and then used the swoon of his guest and raped him. However, judge Michael Shorrock (Michael Shorrock) decided that the evidence for conviction is not enough.According to the prosecution, at the party, the student went to the Ranch to talk about his career in radio. During the conversation, the presenter allegedly promised the opportunity to work in his radio show, and then invited the interlocutor cocaine. After that, the rench invited the young man to visit, promising to show his collection of paintings.According to the victim, arrived at the place, they drank, after which he became ill. When the young man awoke, he found that the naked and lying in bed, and radio host tried to put into his mouth some pill.Defendant, in turn, admitted that he along with the victim used cocaine and then took him to his home. He stated, however, that nothing in champagne is not added, and all actions were performed with the consent of the young person. Читать полностью -->

Singers almost crippled man in the mountains

Singers almost crippled man in the mountainsFamous actor almost crippled man, descending on the ski slopes in Krasnaya Polyana.Dmitry Pevtsov only miraculously made a disabled single from tourists vacationing in the famous Russian resort.We're just lucky, " admits the artist. - If we each hit, both would have been screwed!In mid-February in the tour schedule, the actor had a few spare days, and Singers went to Sochi to ski.- I have long chosen Krasnaya Polyana, - says Dmitry. - Every year I try to come here. So this time Packed up and hit the road!TaranPeacefully vacationer tourist actor almost crippled when famously went down on one of the tracks.- Roll down the mountain, suddenly see across the path descends some "tea", - says Dmitry. - Try to stay no sense. I had to make a decision, and literally at the last moment I swerved, slid into a ravine and landed on left arm.Woke up actor-reckless driver in the snow.- Tried to move my left hand fingers... Читать полностью -->

Students arrested for attempted murder Chuck Norris

Students arrested for attempted murder Chuck NorrisIn the American city Pennsauken in the state of new Jersey, two students were arrested on suspicion that they tried to kill Chuck Norris.One of the teachers found the students a list with names of people allegedly subject to liquidation. There were the names of three students, one teacher, and a famous actor. Since the problem of violence in American schools is acute, the teacher decided to go to the police.The boys said that their list was a joke. Any weapons they found. "We believe that these disciples were no threat to anyone on this list, especially for Chuck Norris," said the local Prosecutor.Himself Chuck Norris commented on the TMZ news preparing on it "attempted": "This is a worrying signal that we have for too long ignored and we send standing at risk young people. Now we must be vigilant and not just to strengthen security measures in schools, and to lend a helping hand to those who are "lost", who feels like an outcast in the world". Читать полностью -->

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