The lead singer of Nickelback banned to drive a car

The lead singer of Nickelback banned to drive a carThe court forbade the lead singer of the canadian band Nickelback Chad the Kroger drive the car throughout the year and sentenced the musician to a fine in the amount of $ 588 for drunk driving.Himself krГ¶ger with the court's decision does not agree and intends to appeal, according to the website Gigwise.Police arrested Kroger for drunk driving in June 2006. Then he seriously exceeded the speed behind the wheel of his red Lamborghini. It was later revealed that the musician had drunk before you get in the car.Note that the canadian justice was much more merciful to the rockers than American. So, in late April, the vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland for drunk driving was sentenced to 8 days in jail. Source: Nickelback Singer was forbidden to drive a car. . Читать полностью -->

Preparing for the `Eurovision 2009` will begin in the summer

Preparing for the `Eurovision 2009` will begin in the summerThe Vice-Premier Alexander Zhukov waiting for the Protocol of the Presidium of the government with the recently announced orders for the organization "singing of the national project".After that, Alexander Dmitriyevich will have to give instructions to the relevant ministries (probably the Ministry of communications and the Ministry of culture) in a month's time to make the White house their proposals. Only then will gather the state Commission on preparation of "Eurovision". And it will happen, probably not until July, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.The main "General contractors" contest will perform on TV and the subject of the Federation, who will entrust the conduct of the competition. For this right is already a serious struggle. Besides Moscow and St. Petersburg is the city of Sochi, which is also able to host an event of this level.By the way, the state itself is likely to "push aside" at least half of the expenses on "Eurovision" on the budget of the region. Читать полностью -->

Participants `Home-2` work donated prizes

Participants `Home-2` work donated prizesOn Valentine's Day the participants of the reality show "Dom-2" was looking forward to the announcement of the results of the audience voting, because at stake was the apartment in Moscow. New housing eventually went to Olga "the Sun" Nikolaeva.As it turned out, actually for the sake of the apartment the Sun will have gone to all this trouble. Unknown to the viewers the secrets of the luxury prizes that reward the participants of the reality show, the Sun revealed during a visit to his native Penza.Was won in another contest home the Sun has not even seen, writes "KP-Penza. And awarded on 14 February, the keys will not soon be used for its intended purpose."The apartment still need to buy," she says. - I will give money with a net of 35% tax to the state. The amount received is not enough, so we have to borrow money from the Bank".When the apartment will still be available to her, to live there the Sun will likely be one. Читать полностью -->

A fan of johnny Depp will play in the Thriller with his idol

A fan of johnny Depp will play in the Thriller with his idolA fan of johnny Depp bought the right to play the role together with his idol in his new movie, reports Now.An anonymous buyer at auction on the Internet paid incredible amount of 90 thousand dollars for a small, lasting several seconds without speaking role in the action-Thriller Public Enemies, in which will participate a famous actor.Under the terms of the transaction, the scene must be filmed in one day, in the period from 19 to 31 may in Chicago. The buyer must be 18 years or older. And the flights to the filming location and accommodations are paid by the buyer. It is also required to comply unconditionally with the instructions of the film's Director, Michael Mann. Source: Fans of johnny Depp will play in the Thriller with his idol. . Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt had a fight about her own wedding

Jolie and pitt had a fight about her own weddingAngelina Jolie and brad pitt, according to publications in the press, she confronted her own wedding. The pair allegedly failed to come to a consensus about what should be a celebration.As writes the edition of Star Magazine, brad wanted to make a Grand ceremony in New Orleans, Angelina dreams of a modest ceremony in France.Particularly anger Jolie allegedly caused the proposal of the brad to ask his mother Jane to do the pre-wedding chores."It ended up that they went into different bedroom, slamming the door. Angelina was so upset she started crying," said one of the friends of the couple.They say that Jolie still has problems in the relationship with the future mother-in-law Jane pitt. The woman continues to communicate with his ex-wife of brad Jennifer aniston and allegedly even offered to invite her to the wedding."Brad tried to convince Angie that she will not appear," says the source. But Angie still very angry. Every time mentions the name of Jen, she gets jealous".However, to believe everything you read in magazines and Newspapers, not worth it. Читать полностью -->

Kelly Osbourne got drunk

Kelly Osbourne got drunk The paparazzi caught drunk Kelly Osbourne. Poor thing gave the gap on London night clubs Koko and Mahiki - and her idea did not go unnoticed.Out of the car drunk Kelly helped out the bodyguards, but before the door of the house had to get myself on the wall. Evil men with cameras with documented each attempt Kelly to stay on his feet. That's the kind of sadism for the sake of the photo I don't like. Better would have helped the girl. Source: Kelly Osbourne got drunk (photos). Читать полностью -->

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