Family grief Dmitry Malikov

Family grief Dmitry MalikovThe son of renowned singer Dmitry Malikov grief: 95 year died his grandmother Valentina Feoktistova. A relative of stars in recent time very ill.The elderly woman has serious problems with the hip joint. Doctors strongly recommended not to perform the operation, because in such an advanced age it is quite dangerous. The condition of an elderly relative of the singer every day became more and more deplorable. But, unfortunately, doctors are unable to cope with the disease.It was Dima's grandmother on the maternal side, - said the father of the artist, the popular singer Yuriy Malikov. - A wonderful man...Death Valentina Feoktistova was a heavy blow for the family Carried. Читать полностью -->

The actors of the TV series `Lost` in glossy magazines

The actors of the TV series `Lost` in glossy magazines On Thursday night in America premiered a two-hour finale of the 4th season of the popular and intriguing television series Lost (in Russian translation - "Stay alive").After watching the last series fans teleepopei have to wait a whole year before the start of the fifth season in 2009 and sixth last season of the show in 2010.Meanwhile, we invite you to see some selected photos of the stars of the show, who has appeared on the pages of various magazines (Arena, Harper-s Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Stuff, Details, and others) for the past three or four years. Source: the Actors of the TV series "Lost" in glossy magazines (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosed

The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosedThe news that Nikolai Fomenko and Maria Golubkina divorce, for many was a surprise. The acting couple have been married for 13 years, raised in the family with two children, and the apparent reason for the breakup, the couple seems to have happened.As soon as we learned about family collapse Golubkina and Fomenko, as the main causes of divorce were called new hobby Nicholas.He indirectly confirmed this information when helped Mary aired on the radio station "Mayak". In the final interviews Maria hinted to her husband that it is not necessary to anybody to acquaint.Here Fomenko suddenly hold, reported that he had a plane to St. Petersburg and retired. And for a few moments before the artist promised to stay in the Studio for half an hour and to bring the ether for Golubkina who was rushing to the show.Well, Fomenko really had a reason to rush to St. Petersburg. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughter

The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughterThe soloist of the group "Tatu" Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova recently traveled to St. Petersburg. In one of the shopping centers of the city held an autograph session for the group, and in the evening was to be held the concert.As they say, the performance had to be cancelled because of poor health Yulee. But those who earlier in the day came to talk with them and get autographs, caught both soloists infamous group in good health.Yulia and Lena were in a good mood and answered questions about his work and personal life. So, Yulia Volkova told that she had problems with her daughter. All moms know the crisis of puberty in kids who already have three years. Читать полностью -->

In the United States will go under the hammer Russian art

In the United States will go under the hammer Russian artThe day of the auction of Russian art will take place at new York's Christie's auction house on April 18. The top lot, valued by experts at $1.8-2.5 million, will be the picture of Alexander Yakovlev "box at the Beijing theatre.According to experts, this work is original compositions, as well as incredibly rich colours. The artist wrote it during his travels through China in 1918, ITAR-TASS reported.Picture of founder of the realist school landscape by Ivan Shishkin "Lesnaya Polyana", written in 1896, is estimated at $1-1. 4 million, This work is considered one of the key in the late work of the master. Also the attention of collectors, according to experts, will bring the work of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Makovsky's Russian beauty. It is estimated at 350-450 thousand dollars.Paintings of Nicholas Roerich "Chinese Ruins of the Fort", created during his travels in the East, estimated at 120-180 thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

Anita Tsoy has changed after injury

Anita Tsoy has changed after injury Anita Tsoy after a serious injury received during the performance numbers in the "Circus with stars" for a while and was forced to leave the project.As soon as the singer was better, she came back and never ceases to amaze colleagues with unexpected transformations.The first thing the actress threw a party for his return. The birthday girl had fun in a corset: Anita still hasn't recovered from the fatal fall on his back during the execution of the trick.Doctors generally banned the singer to continue to participate in the project, but Choi insisted. Now the actress is trying to work on a relatively simple rooms, so as not to overload the spine. Having mastered clowning, Anita decided to go to the pyrotechnic tricks.Along with the illusionist Anton Krasilnikov singer had rehearsed the room, where the "power of thought" in her hands light up rose. Even more spectacular, this room was because Anita has changed appearance. "Lady of fire" with bright blue eyes is really impressive.As for the trick, it is all quite simple: in a flower embedded device that needs to be put into action at the right time.However, during the performance, Anita pushed the button, the flame has flashed so much that immediately spread her hands."It happened in seconds! says Choi. Читать полностью -->

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