Laima Vaikule had a ball

Laima Vaikule had a ballFamous singer Laima Vaikule had a ball and, by her own admission, "with pleasure relaxes with a glass of tea". On tour in Novosibirsk Lyme shocked audiences with its revelations, the newspaper "Your day".- Previously, I was an avid athlete and lead a healthy lifestyle, is suddenly beginning singer. - Life was like General: neither to the right nor to the left. I judged people who come off and live a full life! Thought, why would they even live?! Drink vodka in the morning my head hurts... Why?! Smoke from morning till evening, spoil the air. And having drank a glass... and was so good! Why should I take sleeping pills? He lighted it, and... cigarette became my friend out of loneliness. I finally realized that the most important thing in life is relationships between people. How much lost time, running the miles!And after the concert Lyme decided to communicate with the Novosibirsk journalists. The conversation took place in the concert hall, where a minute before the singer sang his hits. However, a special "affinity" with the Novosibirsk journalists lime did not want and were forbidden to sit in the local paparazzi closer than fifth row, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.- See what's going on, "star". - The world close to the end of the world, global warming... And the root of evil is in our attitude towards animals. I can't see kill of fur seals and reindeer...Lyme briefly delved into the story of the recent campaign for the legislative prohibition in Russia killing fur seal - newborn harp seal pups, in which he took part together with well-known Russian actors and singers.A short conversation with Laima ended on the statement of the singer that if the seals and her concern, Novosibirsk does "parallel":Yeah I'm in your city is not seen - the hotel only and a concert hall. And anyway, I tomorrow to a concert in the Kremlin fly, summed up the festival and left.The singer was in a hurry at the anniversary concert of Vladimir Vinokur. Lime was born in one day with a famous humorist - 31 March, and for many years on his birthday, gladly accepts invitation to a birthday party entertainer. Source: Laima Vaikule had a ball.

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