Basque blatantly flirted with her daughter Caballe

Basque blatantly flirted with her daughter CaballeIn the Greek city of Thessaloniki, where the Basques came at the invitation of the local theatre, for the first time he had allowed yourself to flirt with her daughter Montserrat Caballe.Monsite charmed with the singer, with pleasure I accepted the attentions of Nicholas. Even drank with him in brotherhood of Russian vodka.To share the success of the "Golden voice of Russia" gathered his closest people: my parents Elena and Viktor Vladimirovich, friends from Spain, America and Russia.Dropped everything and Monsita Caballe. So on this important day to be with Nicholas. Indeed, on the day of the premiere of the Opera "Pagliacci" in local musical theatre Russian tenor awaited triumph. The deafening applause of an enthusiastic audience made the mother of Nicholas,and then himself to cry with happiness.At the beginning of the Opera at the agitated singer began a light panic. Entering his dressing room, he found a luxurious bouquets of flowers sent by friends, among whom were the lilies.- I know that I have terrible allergies, get nervous singer. - Thank you very much for the flowers my friends, but ...However, administrators are immediately freed the dressing room of the singer from bouquets. At the end of the Opera in his artistic room was not overcrowded. Be the first to embrace only son rushed parents. Elena was unable to hold back tears of happiness and joy for Kohl. Do not stay aside from greetings and vocal mother Baskov Montserrat Caballe. In a telephone conversation with the student, the singer said she was proud of them.When all the congratulations were said and emotions subsided, Nicholas gave an impromptu Banquet. However, all options at this late hour were closed, and the singer had to ask the managers of the hotel where he stopped, exceptionally, to open a bar. While friends of the singer covered table, his attention was occupied by my daughter Caballe. He has worked as a bartender, offering Onsite to drink all she wants. For this he had to take the risk and without the permission to get out of the bar drinks, the newspaper "Your day".- What would you like to drink, dear? - appealed to her friend the singer.With you, I'll drink vodka, laughing, replied the singer.Kohl immediately refilled the glasses and drank with the girl on the brotherhood (this was a rare case, because it is known that the Basques did not drink alcohol), kissed her, and then whirled in the dance.They were on excellent terms, and these days in Greece approached even more. Speaking during the feast of each present, with special warmth he talked about Monsite. Intoxicated by success more than a shot of vodka, Nikolai set the tone for the fun that ended in the morning with songs and dances. Source: Basque blatantly flirted with her daughter Caballe.

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