Britney Spears has escaped from a psychiatric clinic

Britney Spears has escaped from a psychiatric clinicSinger Britney Spears on Wednesday abruptly left the Los Angeles psychiatric hospital, where she was taken a week ago. According to eyewitnesses, the 26-year-old Britney was released from the hospital in a blue dress, dark glasses and a hat with a brim.The paparazzi immediately attacked her trail, surrounded her black Mercedes and stalked to hotel Beverly Hills Hotel, where the police escort she went inside. According to another report, Britney went home and then went to the hotel.It is unclear why Spears was released, because previously it was assumed that it will remain in the hospital for two weeks. The clinic declined to comment, citing the confidentiality of patient information, reports Reuters.An hour later, after the arrival of Britney drove up to the hotel her friend paparazzo Adnan Galib and went inside. Some time later they left together and went to his car.Spears was taken to hospital at the University of California from her home in Beverly hills a week ago after watching her psychiatrist called doctors and expressed concern about her inappropriate behavior. For the duration of her treatment, the court appointed guardian Spears, her father Jamie, who got the right to decide for her, including financial matters.In early January, Spears was hospitalized in a similar way. When her ex-husband Kevin Motherhood came to the house Britney to pick up the kids after the visit, Britney refused to give them. She released two of Sean to his father, and she locked herself in the bathroom along with a year-old Jayden James. After all their attempts to take the children failed, they called the police. On a scene there arrived five police cars, a police helicopter and the carriage "first aid". Britney strapped to a stretcher and taken to hospital. At the time she left the hospital two days later. Source: Britney Spears has escaped from a psychiatric clinic.

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