Buzova: On the project " Dom-2` pay very well

Buzova: On the project That the participants of the reality show "Dom-2" for staying on telestroke pay money, say for a long time. And recently one of the oldest participants of the project Olga Buzova confirmed this information.According to her, this is one of the main reasons that keeps her at the construction site of love canal TNT. The girl does not hide his fatigue, but to leave the "House-2" is not going according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."All "Oldies" now on edge, - is Olga. - Stepan Menshchikov has become very aggressive due to the fact that I must submit the signed contract. The sun has won 14 February an apartment in Moscow and calmed down: I have the feeling that it is now quite worried about the project. But Sam and Nastya broke down and left... I semiannually say to myself, "Gotta go!" But as you can see, I'm here. Now I'm almost sure that I will be on the project until the end. This is my home, and I'm scared to go beyond the perimeter, I shudder to think what awaits me there. Now it's my job like any other".Opened girl and the mystery of the wages of the participants "Houses-2". Money Buzova pay for the project, enough for her and her family."Of course, you pay the "House" very well, " admitted Buzova. - I, for example, was to provide not only themselves but also their parents." Source: Buzova: On the project "Dom-2" pay very well.

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