Medvedev below the growth of most world leaders (figures and photos)

Medvedev below the growth of most world leaders (figures and photos)Journalists "Financial Times" decided to compare the growth of modern world politics. It turned out that Dmitry Medvedev below as their predecessors on a post of the President of Russia, and modern European colleagues."Financial Times" gives the following figures:the rise of Dmitry Medvedev - 162 cm less than that of Vladimir Putin (170 cm) and, especially, "Siberian Bogatyr" Boris Yeltsin (189 cm).Medvedev is not going to look "down" and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (the growth of both 165 cm). Moreover, 11 cm above his German Chancellor Angela Merkel (173 cm). Here, the highest policy on the European continent - the UK Prime Minister Gordon brown (180 cm). A few inches above his only George Bush (182 cm), although he is far from his predecessor bill Clinton (189 cm).After the authoritative magazine, we will not draw from the statistics provided to any conclusions, however, will offer readers the opportunity to compare the growth of some unmentioned in the article, politicians (on materials of free encyclopedia Wikipedia):Tamerlane - 145 cm.Genghis Khan - 145 cm.Alexander the great - 150 cm.Charlemagne - 150 cm.Nestor Makhno - 151 seeQueen Victoria - 152 cmLouis XIV - 156 cmCatherine II - 157 seeJoseph Stalin 163 cm.Vladimir Lenin - 164 cmNikita Khrushchev - 166 cmWinston Churchill - 166 cmAdolf Hitler - 166 cmBenito Mussolini 169 seeGerhard Schroeder - 174 cmMikhail Gorbachev - 175 cmLeonid Brezhnev: 176 cmIvan the terrible - 178 cmElizabeth - 180 cmYuri Andropov - 182 cmRonald Reagan - 185 cmJacques Chirac - 189 cmAbraham Lincoln - 193 cmCharles De Gaulle - 196 cmPeter - 204 (on the neck. Dan. - 212) seeRamses II - 210 cm Source: Medvedev below the growth of most world leaders (figures and photos).

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