Karachentsov prepare for surgery

Karachentsov prepare for surgeryYesterday the darling of millions of Russians actor Nikolay Karachentsov went by train to St. Petersburg, where soon at the Institute of the human brain will make him a unique operation.Using the latest techniques, based on the introduction of drugs directly into the brain, doctors from St. Petersburg will try to return to the famous actor speech.Ludmila Polina, wife of the actor, could not decide how to go to Peter - on the train or plane. As a result, after consulting with doctors, the couple bought the ticket in the first class carriage high speed train "Aurora".- The train was almost late, arrived a few minutes before departure, I was terribly nervous, " told "Your DAY" Lyudmila Andreevna. - Yesterday in the restaurant celebrated the birth of daughter-in-law, stayed up late.In the Petersburg Institute of the human brain Nikolai Petrovich already waiting. He booked the room and identified the attending physician.HopeAll three weeks, during which will last the course of treatment, near Nikolai Karachentsov will be his wife. Lyudmila Andreevna even asked the doctors to allocate the beloved wife double chamber that day to be with a dear friend.- In the clinic we will stay for three weeks, the first seven days no procedures will not be, - says Lyudmila Andreevna. - This week the doctors will prepare the Kolia to medical manipulation. Doctors warn us that this is a complicated procedure, it is unknown how the body will react, " continued Polina. But I'm sure that Kolya will cope and be able to speak normally. Because he wants to return to the theatre. We must use this chance.DoubtThe doctors promise that I will do everything possible to bring back the legendary actor speech. Today it is the most modern and most effective method.- The essence of this method is that powerful drugs are administered directly into the cerebral vessels. The effect of such treatment is sometimes noticeable after ten days, " says neurosurgeon Metropolitan hospital. - The second stage is the impact on the affected areas of the brain electric or magnetic radiation. Pitertsy - almost the only one in the country, doctors who use this method of treatment.Luminary capital's medicine argue that the method is very effective, but also very dangerous. Used strong drugs, it is unknown how the body reacts to them, the side effects can be unpredictable.The wife of legendary actor very worried about her husband. Before hospitalization, Nikolai Petrovich L. A. visited the Holy places and pray for her husband's health. Source: Karachentsov prepare for surgery.

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