Glyukoza promptly flew to America

Glyukoza promptly flew to AmericaAfter gross violations of the law in the state of Florida Glucose left America. But now Russian singer in a hurry to go back, to attend the court hearing.A summons to appear in U.S. court Natalia Ionova at first not taken seriously and flew home as soon as her vacation came to an end. In Russia Natasha without any remorse began a regular touring schedule, not worrying about the possible consequences.The seriousness Glucose is realized only after consultation with their lawyers. The lawyer of the singer insisted that Ionova promptly flew to America and attended the meeting, pending her trial. Glucose had to heed the words of the lawyers and to cancel some concerts of his tour.Soon Russian celebrity will return to the U.S., or because of their hasty flight from American justice, she will lose the opportunity to visit the States. For now, though, the court may make an order that will not let Natasha in the future to obtain a U.S. visa, according to the newspaper "Your day". Source: Glyukoza promptly flew to America.

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