The most annoying Hollywood stars

The most annoying Hollywood starsTabloid Newspapers around the world published in millions of copies, informing each day new details from the life of stars at very different levels. Readers are kept abreast of where celebrities go, what to eat and drink, sleep with.However, the constant presence in the centre of attention leads to the fact that many stars starting to annoy me.American business magazine Forbes has decided to make a list of celebrities that no one else wants to see. It was 15 people.According to the Los Angeles organization E-Poll Market Researc, which studies the ratings of more than 3,000 celebrities, the most "bored" was the star of Paris Hilton. 70% of American respondents believe that by socialite chained unjustly lot of attention. For comparison, at the peak of popularity, this index of most stars is 3-7%.Company Paris on the list of most annoying was also Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins.Chapter E-Poll Gerry Philpott said that fame and glory is not equivalent things. Constant presence in the press and on the Internet can give prominence to, but not necessarily fame. "Take for example Spencer Pratt, who on our list at number 11. Last year, few people knew of this participant of a reality show on MTV, just as nobody knew Heidi Montag. Meanwhile, now they dominate the gloss and blogs," says Philpott."This fame is not suitable for some stars, for example Tom cruise or Lindsay Lohan, which seeks to establish herself as an actress," he adds.However for others, such as Pratt and Montag is not bad at all. Because that's all they have. Without it they cease to exist. "You can be a celebrity only if you are spoken of. But if you have no job, be it movies or music, you have to resort to subterfuge," says Jake Halpern, author of "the Drug of fame: the truth about the favorite addiction of America".

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