Sister Spears would formalize the relationship with Origem

Sister Spears would formalize the relationship with OrigemJamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of singer Britney Spears is preparing to legalize the relationship with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge. As we have mentioned, the pair soon expecting the birth of a child.Jamie Lynn is only 16 years old, and her pregnancy was a shock not only for her family but for all of America. An interesting situation has put the girl almost on a par with the infamous sister Britney.However, while the press is no more reasons to lash out at Jamie Lynn. Except for the early pregnancies in her life, it develops clear to all scenario. So, 16 year old Jamie Lynn is going to get married. The first step is already done.Jamie Lynn and father of her unborn child Casey Aldridge engaged, writes Us Weekly. The engagement of young people told cousin Tina Casey Robinson."He proposed to her a few days ago, and she accepted it," said Tina. According to the girl, a ring on your finger Jamie Lynn, she hasn't seen and doesn't know if your wedding is before or after the birth."They probably did not think about any offer, but now they kind of pushed her pregnancy," says a cousin of the groom.The star of the TV series Zoey 101 channel Nickelodeon, sister stars of show business Jamie Lynn Spears and simple guy Casey reported on the upcoming addition in December of last year. Even then, the relatives of the guy started to say that I look forward to the wedding. Source: Spears Sister would formalize the relationship with Origem.

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