Timur Rodrigez: Sexuality is a personal choice

Timur Rodrigez: Sexuality is a personal choiceResident "Comedy club" Timur Rodrigez - recognized pet girls. This is understandable, because his endless humor, energy and bright outfits leave no one indifferent.In recent years, do not cease the rumors about his impending wedding. Timur, though admits that he is now a man in love, claims that in the near future is not going to marry. However, the views of the private life is very serious.- Timur, they say you soon for all outfits will have an entire room to dedicate?- Yes, it would not hurt, but so far this is not possible. Outfits is really a lot. Most of all I'm worried about hats. Here's their store becomes really problematic. In General, we must figure out how to get out of the situation.Tell me, are you pleased to have a reputation as a sex symbol?- Nice, of course, why cheat? But it is not an end in itself. Just sexy you can be from nature, and stylish man himself makes himself. It's more challenging and interesting work. I must admit I was stunned when I learned that according to some polls among top sexiest. Well, times have chosen, then something in me. (Laughs) well, thank you, very nice!- How do you think sexuality of men?- Well, for me it is difficult to confirm. You'd better ask the girls. And their answer, I think, would be contradictory. Some people like figure, someone's eyes, someone's lips. Someone who looks on the drum - within reason, of course - but they must have spiritual qualities. So to each his own. I do think that sexuality, for both men and women, is a personal choice. That's a lot of people talk about charisma or flair. I think somewhere here lies the truth about human sexuality. Because you can be beautiful but not sexy, and Vice versa.- And the clothes plays a role, in your opinion?- Some, of course, but not the main. Clothing can spark interest, provoke, but nothing more.- No wonder, then, they say that a man loves his eyes?- All right, but I don't think it says only about the clothes. At our first meeting, I will certainly attach importance to what you wearing girl, and then it is not very important because you begins to wonder the girl herself, and not her wardrobe. However, all my girlfriends were always well-dressed, and I loved going with them to the shops. But some time ago I realized that buying clothes for his girlfriend delivers much more fun than buying things for myself. When you love, you forget about yourself. Although, on the other hand, is not quite forgotten. Because, love, you cease to look like a man, busy with work and begin to experience the desire to be in shape to be beautiful and desirable for someone specific.- Your loving until recently were legendary!- Why did you go? I'm not desperate to get acquainted with Angelina Jolie! (Laughs) seriously, I've always been very emotional and amorous. Growing up, I was often fond of pretty people, but never met vulgar. Brave girls I liked, Yes, but not over the edge.In General, I was a nice free way of life, but I'm not a girl not promised a serious relationship. I have thoughts and such was not. I was all arranged. But once in my life there was Anya, I decided to settle down."And could you expand a little bit about your girlfriend?- Anya is engaged in business. We met at the birthday party of my friend Vladimir Tishko, and I did not expect that they will like it so much. She is amazing and awesome, never seen such women. And how now there is my life, this is Anya's merit.- Timur, and you are ripe for a serious relationship or just met the girl of his dreams?- I think both. I think a moment like this happens in life of every man. And then there was parallel processes - I'm ripe, and Anna appeared.- What are you so amazed?- It is hard to define in a few words. She is very purposeful, a leader by nature, but very gentle and caring person. And I immediately realized that this time I have everything very seriously. The main indicator of this was the fact that never before I met Anya and I deliberately did not speak about the future with a woman. They - Yes, and I was horrified such conversations. I was horrified to hear all the words of my husband, family, children, and even more so to imagine such situation. I may even have offended someone. Because, just as the girl stammered on this topic, I immediately chopped off her - say, forget all about that! Same with Anya everything turned out exactly the opposite. I was with her so well that I am ready to think and talk with Anna about the future. And, by the way, do it with joy.- So, the rumors about the impending wedding is not baseless?- They are not groundless, but just the journalists are very much ahead of the event. Soon we are no weddings are not planned. As soon as you decide the date, 'll report it.- Timur, and the children you have already, probably, think?- Children I adore, but still cannot afford that.

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