Wesley snipes jailed for three years

Wesley snipes jailed for three yearsThe American Prosecutor demands to sentence Hollywood actor Wesley snipes to three years imprisonment and fined 5 million dollars for tax evasion.In February, snipes was convicted of tax evasion, but the court acquitted him on more serious charges, including fraud, BBC reports.Now the public Prosecutor requires the actor the maximum punishment for an offense. The verdict of the star of "blade" will read April 24. The actor has not commented on the claims of the Prosecutor.In court papers filed in court by Prosecutor Robert O'neill, the Prosecutor indicates that demand maximum punishment, because snipes ' case provides "a unique opportunity to warn all US residents from committing tax crimes". "About 10 years snipes was engaged in concealment from payment of taxes", - reads the statement of the Ministry of justice."According to internal IRS, snipes didn't pay 15 million dollars in taxes, and his fraudulent scheme caused the U.S. Treasury losses in the amount of 41 million dollars", -stated in the document.During the January hearing, the snipes ' lawyer, stated that he pleads guilty and should get the money back. However, the protection of the actor denied any allegations of criminal offences, but stating that all operations snipes committed according to the law.Note, in the 1990s, enterprising financiers Eddie ray Kahn and Douglas Rosal founded American Rights Litigators, which helped their customers to legally avoid paying taxes. Rosal, a former accountant, deprived of a license to practice in Ohio and Florida, has been preparing the necessary documents. In 2000, snipes instructed their tax Affairs firm American Rights Litigators, which, as a reward, took 20% of its customers for returned after tax funds.Snipes, together with its accountants had submitted inaccurate information to the tax authorities, which was based on the incorrect fact that the taxation shall be only those funds received from foreign sources. Source: Wesley snipes going to jail for three years.

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