For Ksenia Borodina maniac hunts

For Ksenia Borodina maniac huntsPervert threatens to kill the host of popular TV show "Dom-2" and her future husband.25 years leading reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodin bombarded with threatening messages a mad fan.Aggressive man threatens to kill Mary and her fiancГ©, if a girl agrees to meet him.Terrible story began a few weeks ago, when a young man sent completely harmless SMS message with a Declaration of love.- I constantly someone calls and sends messages, " says Borodin. - I always try to respond and thank.So it was this time. But in response to Ksenia in such numbers fell strange text messages that she was scared.ThreatsAfter she stopped returning calls and messages, a raving fan started coming to her house and pass the presenter notes through different people.- I began to find notes from him in my mailbox, under my door and even in the dressing room, " says Kseniya - and scared. Generally, I am hard to scare, but then I am very tensed.Eager to have his idol fan has reached the stage where I started to describe Ksenia their unhealthy sexual fantasies.Is a Kook! For example, he can call me at four in the morning and puff me up... " says Borodin. - I am very afraid for my life, and most importantly - for the life of her young man. I just hope that soon it will end as a nightmare.ProsecutionManiac is stalking Her everywhere. Inexplicably, he learns all the details of his personal life Borodina and even attend parties and coming TV presenter.- I am now afraid to leave the house, " says Ksenia. When we sit in the car, first click on the button it closed, and looked in all directions. I began to feel that I'm being followed. As soon as I appear, this idiot calls me and tells any details of my life.Groom TV stars 27-year-old Anton recently made her an offer of marriage, is very worried about his beloved. After learning about this horrible thing, he immediately hired her guard. Now a bodyguard accompanies Borodin almost twenty-four hours a day. Source: Ksenia Borodina maniac hunts.

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