On Timati hunted

On Timati huntedOnly freed from custody in Jamaica and as soon as he returned to his homeland, the rapper once again experiencing problems with law enforcement.This time to fight the singer decided employees dorozhno-patrol service, which was unofficially announced at the celebrity hunt.- I have the impression that all traffic police of Moscow after me, " laughs Tim. - Although I always try to stay away from them, but something recently that I did not get. They are like shadows, hovering around me.After the Metropolitan court decided to deprive Timur Yunusov driver's license, bright star PORSCHE offender has become something of a bait law enforcement officers. Seeing very recognizable orange car is known by, each car inspector considers it his duty to stop the rapper.While all of this, apparently, is not particularly scary celebrity, despite the prohibitions, penalties and court orders. A scandalous offender is not going to give up driving and continued to drive through the night streets of Moscow, even without a license. Source: Timothy hunt.

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