'll be back in the `Shiny`

'll be back in the `Shiny`Enviable bride Russian show-business, 28-year-old Anna Semenovich, wants to return to the group "Brilliant", one day recklessly abandoned it.- "Brilliant" became my stepping stone in the life of show business, - said Sobyanin. - Of course, I knew it when I skated in a pair with Roman Kostomarov, but the fame did not go to any comparison with what started after I began to speak with "sparkles".After leaving the group pretty woman was thrown from one extreme to another. She tried herself as an actress in the TV series of the channel STS "All such sudden", and led social events, and even returned to an old hobby - skates - for show of the First channel "Ice age".After several unsuccessful starts Anya once again drawn into their harbour, which for a long time it was a group of "Brilliant". However, the producers of the staff do not hurry to take her in his arms. Source: S. will return to the group "Brilliant"".

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