Salma Hayek beat photographer

Salma Hayek beat photographerWhen the output of the famous new York at looking after at the door of photographers trying to shoot half-year-old daughter of the actress Valentina Paloma, Salma, without thinking, jumped on them.Despite the small size, hot latina violently bludgeoning fists at the nearest to her two-meter paparazzi, sending all the other photographers choicest invectives in their native language, interspersing them rare obscene exclamations in English. "You bastards! Bastards! - got excited actress, pounding on the broad breast of the photographer. "I hate you! To all of you! Nobodies! - showered and more new angry insults Salma until baby Valentina scared babysitter in rush seated in the car".To calm down the raging actress managed in a few minutes. Personal guard was able to persuade the star to leave alone stunned the paparazzi in exchange for the promise that he himself would later come back and beat the guy. Source: Salma Hayek beat photographer.

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