A stray pig Pink Floyd declared wanted

A stray pig Pink Floyd declared wantedA giant inflatable pig with the signature of the former bass guitarist of the rock band Pink Floyd's Roger waters, who since the release of the 1977 album, "Animals" and the song "Pigs on the Wing" mandatory attribute of the band, flew to the sky during a speech at the festival Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival in Los Angeles.Music festival organizers announced a reward of 10 thousand dollars and a life free of the law of visiting this festival for anyone who finds a lost toy.Waters was the songwriter and bass guitarist of Pink Floyd from 1965 to 1985. A picture of this pig once became the cover for their next Studio album rock band. The toy remained a permanent feature of the stage during performances even after the waters had quit the band.As noted by RIA "Novosti", in 1977, after a photo shoot near the Battersea power station in London inflatable pig was flown, after which he was found safely.Pigs are popular in the Western star party. So, live hog held Hollywood actor George Clooney. Cernohorsky Max was to be a gift for one of beloved Clooney. However the destiny has disposed so that four-legged brunette stayed in the apartment of the actor. For max was even built a separate house with air conditioning, however, the animal preferred to sleep on the bed of its owner. Piglet became over time a kind of test for the girlfriends of George. Check out their women actor decided after a considerable amount of his brides wish to roast a pig. As written, the Days.Roux, hog died on the 19th year of life. Source: Flying pig Pink Floyd declared wanted.

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