The chief ideologist of the exam retired

The chief ideologist of the exam retiredThe head of the Federal service for supervision in education (Rosobrnadzor) Victor Bolotov has filed a resignation.This official is known as the ideologist of the most controversial project in the reform of education of the unified state exam (EGE), which from 2009 will become widespread in Russia.The former official confirmed that he has indeed resigned, but refused to comment on this. Surrounded by Bolotov dismissal is associated in particular with the Prosecutor's checks of Rosobrnadzor, which have increased in the last two years.So, in February 2007, the Prosecutor General's office accused the leadership of Rosobrnadzor in the failure to provide information about the conduct of educational activities without a license, forgery of diplomas of a state institution, the misuse of budget funds and the creation of leavesof whose graduates get a job with fake diplomas.Information about such violations were received in the state office of public Prosecutor from the regional divisions and affected citizens. In the same year, the Federal service was involved in another scandal. Against the head of the Federal center of testing of Rosobrnadzor Vladimir Khlebnikov was a criminal case on suspicion of abuse of office and misuse of funds in the amount of 33 million rubles.Personally Bolotova no one was charged, but the Prosecutor's investigation, according to his colleagues, tired of the official, and he decided to change the scope of activities to do science. New place of work ex-official will be the Russian Academy of education, where the results of the next election, he received the post of Vice President."In this post I will do his favorite thing - science," said Victor. Ex-leader reported that it continues to support the introduction of the unified state exam in Russia everywhere since 2009. However, this form of education quality assessment should not be the sole, said Bolotov.The main contender for the post of head of Rosobrnadzor should become the state Secretary of the health Ministry Lyubov Glebova. Source: Chief ideologist exam retired.

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