Jules Verne women were considered a hindrance in traveling

Jules Verne women were considered a hindrance in travelingFebruary 8 marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of Jules Verne. According to the legend, when the writer once came to the reception to the Minister, the Secretary invited him to sit down with these words: "After traveling so much you must be really tired".Fans of the talent of the writer had no doubt that he describes are true travels and adventures of his characters very real.Jules-Gabriel Verne was born on 8 February 1828 in France. Pierre Verne, hereditary lawyer, performed their duties with such scrupulous honesty that in Nantes proverb - "honest as Verne". The father assumed that at the end of the lycГ©e Jules will go to Paris and there will be a law degree, and then take my father's things at the office.And the boy dreamed of distant lands and travel under sail. To realize their dreams, he tried in 1839, when a secret from their parents got a job as a cabin boy on going to India schooner "Coralie".The father of Jules managed to catch up with her at the local boat and failed to take the man home. Young Jules Verne promised that from now on only travel in my dreams, and indeed from time to time followed his father's plan. He went to study in Paris, but much more jurisprudence fond of the theater.In the capital of Jules Verne met Alexander Dumas, who advised him to try his hand at literature. Verne is often talked about his appreciation Dumas because he was the first to believe in him.He successfully passed the exams and became a licentiate of law. But a career lawyer at the time, it was no longer interested in Jules took up drama. Two historical tragedy in verse made no impression on Dumas, whom Verne their demonstrated. But "Broken straws" vaudeville in verse - Dumas set in the Historic theatre.To feed yourself and family (in 1857 his wife Honorine Morel), Jules Verne worked as a stockbroker. But literature did not leave. Having got acquainted with a famous Explorer Jacques Arago and inspired by his stories, Verne wrote a short story "the First ships of the Mexican Navy." The first line was: "on 18 October 1825 large Spanish ship of war "Asia"..." Subsequently most of Verne's novels will begin exactly with the exact date.Vern loved to travel no less than his characters. He even missed the birth of their child - when the light appeared Michelle, his father traveled to Scandinavia.In October 1862, Verne entered into a contract with the famous publisher Tzelem that from the first lines of his novel "Five weeks in a balloon" saw him as a future famous writer. Contract Verne pledged each year to write two novels, each of which was to receive about two thousand francs. Until his death in 1886, Etzel was the only publisher Verne and his best friend.The novel, which tells about the expedition, allegedly taken by a certain Dr. Ferguson, a member of the London geographical society, was published in 1863. On the managed balloon "Victoria" heroes for five weeks crossing Africa for updating map data. After many adventures the doctor opens the sources of the Nile.Novel hoaxer Verne introduced readers astray. The sources of the Nile had not yet been opened. But gullible readers believe in the existence of the controlled balloon and Dr. Ferguson. The success of the novel inspired True; he decided to continue to work in this genre, accompanying the adventures of their heroes descriptions of scientific miracles born from his imagination.People writer admired, he "inhabited" his novels. For example, a prototype of a severe fanatic of captain Hatteras - polar Explorer John Franklin, whose expedition went missing. But Professor Liedenbrock, one of the heroes of Journey to the center of the Earth", like the geologist Charles Deville, conversations with and which inspired the writer to write the novel.Publishers were perplexed because that Verne's novels was unbelievably successful, although they still lacked the heroines are women. Even Etzel reproached his author to some dryness. In an interview with a journalist Vern explained it this way: "My heroes need all their abilities, all the energy, and the presence near them captivating women would prevent them from exercising their grandiose plans." But soon came the Children of captain Grant", and critics have recognized that the novel is more than touching. As most readers came to taste the absent-minded scientist Paganel.But still the reader's recognition Verne has earned as the founder of the genre of science fiction. His fantasies were prophetic. In the novels that have become classics, - "From the earth to the moon", "Around the moon".

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