The girls put up a fight because Timati

The girls put up a fight because TimatiGirls are fighting among themselves for the right to play a major role in the new clip of the singer.Sex scandal with a fight broke out in the dressing room of a fashionable Moscow club on the set of new music video Timati and Dj Smash Moscow never sleeps.Models invited to participate in the filming, did not share their pet - Timothy.- I'm not gonna let some bitch take away my opportunity to be with my idol! - screamed one of the participants of the conflict, a fashion model Masha. "I've been dreaming about it!FightFrom mutual insults the girls quickly moved on to the banal fight. Two of the candidates for participation in the new clip of the controversial rapper has taken an aggressive shoving match, and then grabbed her hair.To separate the girls rushed renowned image-maker, personal stylist Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim and the video directed by Rezo Gugenishvili.- I am very surprised by this ugly incident, " says razo. - Earlier anything like me during the shooting did not happen! Source: Girls put up a fight because Timati.

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