Ex-wife of French President marries

Ex-wife of French President marriesA few days later after the announcement of the wedding of President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, it became known that his ex-wife is also going down the aisle.The former wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Madam Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz in March is going to celebrate a wedding in new York with her lover, businessman Richard Attison, informs NEWSru Israel referring to the Israeli newspaper MA ariv.It should be noted that the publication in the French edition plans Cecilia is paid not more than one paragraph. However, it is the second day he vigorously discussed in Francophone Internet blogs.About two years ago, Cecilia threw Nicolas because of Attias, French businessman who is currently living in America. In new York he has a advertising firm specializing in political PR.It's funny that Richard, a Jew by nationality, is a native of Morocco, and Sarkozy as Minister of the interior known for their cruel actions against immigrants from North Africa.A game of chance in the fact that Cecilia met her future husband in November 2004, when his firm helped Sarkozy during the primaries. That is Nicolas Sarkozy himself introduced to Cecilia with a man who became her lover.About the novel Cecilia and Attias became known in 2005, when the magazine Paris Match published photos of a couple in love.Commenting on the information published in La Figaro, the newspaper "Maariv" also mentions the book "Cecilia", which recently came out in Paris. Journalist Anna Beaton notes that she is within five years of meeting with the main character of his book, and their dialogue formed the basis of the manuscript.The book says that the former first lady of France left her husband in 2005. Eight months she spent in America together with Aliacom. However, he returned to Paris before the start of the election campaign Sarkozy."This is the most beautiful love story, what can be," written in the book. Cecilia did not want her actions were interpreted any other way. She hurried out of this book with the sole purpose to show Attias that really loves him.In this book, Cecilia also acknowledges that he made a big mistake when I got back to Nicolas Sarkozy.To summarize, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz says: "Richard was the man of my life. I don't think anybody before love you like love him." Source: Ex-wife of French President marries.

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