Ricky Martin hits on Valeria

Ricky Martin hits on ValeriaVIP reception in the Austrian capital Valeria charmed Latin hunk Ricky Martin.The whole evening sweet-voiced singer was trying to go after the Russian star, and the next day was even invited her to dine in a more private setting.Valeria and her husband and producer Joseph Prigozhin flew to Austria on the opening ceremony of the Vienna forum. When the singer found out that she has to perform on the same stage with world famous Ricky Martin, she was a real delight. And at a private cocktail party, where we collected only the elect, Ricky personally took the initiative to get acquainted with the star from Russia, the newspaper "Your day".Oh Valerie I have heard a lot, said Ricky Martin. And personally acquainted, I realized that she is a strong person and a great singer. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to talk with her.At the dinner, where the artist met with representatives of the International organization for migration, Ricky Martin took the opportunity to go after the Russian star. Puerto Rican openly flirted with Valerie, giving her all kinds of favors to which the singer replied with a polite courtesy.Unknown to what the verge has gone on to singer, gala dinner but did not last long (thankfully for Martin: because next to the object of his passion was always Iosif Prigozhin!). Tired from a long flight, Valeria hurried to my room. The next day Ricky Martin invited the Russian pop diva for lunch. A couple of hours that artists spent together, gave Ricky a lasting impression. The artist literally fell asleep Valery compliments.- It is my great honor to dine with her at the table, " says Ricky Martin. - Valeria - radiant and very sweet and at the same time a strong woman. I hope our communication will continue, and in future we will meet more often! Source: Ricky Martin hits on Valeria.

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