Love is a mystery revealed Dostoevsky

Love is a mystery revealed DostoevskySiberian archivists found the parish register, which contains the entry about the wedding in February, 1857, the famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky with Maria Isaeva.Recall that in 1849, the Military court sentenced Dostoevsky, in particular, for the dissemination of "criminal about religion and government letter writer Belinsky" to be shot. But the punishment for the great writer was replaced by eight years of hard labor, then on four years.In 1854 for good behavior Dostoevsky was released from prison in Tobolsk and sent as a private in the 7th Siberian line battalion. He served in the fortress of Semipalatinsk and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Here he began an affair with Maria Dmitrievna Isaeva. At a time when the writer saw his future lover, she was the wife of an unemployed drunkard. The person who at the time was an official for special assignments. Soon after whose death, in 1857 Dostoevsky married 33-year-old widow.This metric book Odigitrievsky the Church of the city of Kuznetsk for 1857 was considered lost, because after the October revolution of 1917, these documents were selected at the parishes. In addition, there was a version that the book could be burned in a fire in 1919 that took place in the city", - said the representative of the press service of management of Federal registration service across the Kemerovo region.Complicating the search is the fact that the current Kemerovo region at different times was a part of as the province of Tomsk and Novosibirsk region. Accordingly, the register of births were passed from one archive to another. In this case, trying to systematize the documents, the archivists "alter" them - then in one volume were collected books for a few years."Only during the last technical processing Novosibirsk specialists again divided altered books and found so valuable for historians and literary critics entry at number 17 of 6 February 1857 about the wedding of the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Maria Issaeva. After that discovery gave in Kuzbass", - said the press officer.Besides the metric of the book with the record of the marriage of Dostoevsky and Isayeva experts have found the book of 1855, in which is recorded the death of the first husband of Maria Isayeva - Alexander Isaev. It was assumed that he died from kidney disease, however, as we now know, he died August 4, 1855, of phthisis,reports RIA "Novosti".Valuable historical document specialists has transferred to the literary-memorial Museum of Dostoevsky in Novokuznetsk, said the employee of management of Federal registration service. Source: love is a mystery Revealed Dostoevsky.

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