Vasily Aksenov rehabilitation will take place in the hospital. Burdenko

Vasily Aksenov rehabilitation will take place in the hospital. BurdenkoWriter Vasily Aksenov, was hospitalized on January 15 with stroke, was transferred from the intensive care unit of the Institute. Sklifosovsky hospital. Burdenko rehabilitation, said a source in medical circles of the city."The condition of Vasily Pavlovich has improved somewhat, for the environment it will be transferred to the hospital. Burdenko for further rehabilitation," said the source.He explained that the stroke has caused quite extensive damage of the brain, in this regard, the rehabilitation will take a long time, reports "Interfax".Information about some improvements in the condition of Aksenova were voiced his literary agent Victor Wagman. "Feldman opens his eyes and in his condition, there are positive developments, although very minor. Now all remains approximately at the same level," said Wagman, adding that doctors still do not make any forecasts, reports RIA "Novosti".Vasily Aksyonov was hospitalized on January 15 with a diagnosis of stroke and underwent surgery for a blood clot in an artery that is close to the brain. According to the son of writer Alexey Aksenov, the surgery went fine, but since then his condition for a long period of time was assessed as "serious but stable". The writer was brought to 23 the city hospital and then transferred to the Institute Sklifosovsky.Aksenov was born 20 August 1932 in Kazan. He graduated from the Leningrad medical Institute in 1956, he worked as a doctor in the far North, in Karelia, the Leningrad commercial seaport, tuberculosis hospital in Moscow.The first stories of Vasily Aksenov "Torches and roads" and "Fifteen medical chart printed in 1958 in the magazine "Youth". In 1960 he published his first novel "Colleagues". In 1975 he wrote the novel "Burn", and in 1979 - "the Island of Crimea", prohibited by the censor. In 1976 Aksyonov, translated from the English popular novel Doctorow's "ragtime".Together with Andrei Bitov, Viktor Yerofeyev, Fazil Iskander, Evgeny Popov, Bella Akhmadulina in 1979 Aksenov became one of the organizers and authors of uncensored almanac "Metropol", published in USA. In July 1980 Aksenov emigrated from the USSR, lived in the U.S., taught Russian literature at George Mason University near Washington, since 1981 - a course in Russian literature at various universities in the USA.In 1980-1991 Vasily Aksenov as a journalist actively collaborated with the radio station "Freedom". He was awarded the "Booker - Open Russia" in 2004 for his novel "Voltarians and volterjanki", first published in the magazine "October".He is also a member of the Pen club and American copyright League, is an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. In 2005, Vasily Aksenov was awarded the Order of literature and art, one of the highest awards in France. Source: Vasily Aksenov rehabilitation will take place in the hospital. Burdenko.

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