Dmitry Dibrov decided to tie the knot

Dmitry Dibrov decided to tie the knotDmitry Dibrov decided for the first time in my life to tie the knot. 49-year-old TV presenter has already presented his bride to the public.It happened at the recent premiere of the animated film "Horton", according to the website of the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."Gorgeous blonde who came with me today, soon will be my wife", - said Dmitry.It is known that the beloved TV presenter's name is Alexandra. When it will be a wedding ceremony, Dibrov said.As we already wrote, this wedding will be the first in the life of a famous teledeyatel. Recently he appeared on the secular parties, while another young beauty.Probably only Alexander managed to win a place in the heart of Dmitry. To give up his bachelor life is a serious step for a 49 year old man.By the way, another famous bachelor is preparing to tie the knot. Hollywood star George Clooney, according to press reports, prepares the engagement with his current girlfriend Sarah Larson. Source: Dmitry Dibrov decided to tie the knot.

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