Britney Spears rehearses a new world tour

Britney Spears rehearses a new world tourA discharge from a psychiatric hospital and finally purchasing new fishnet tights, singer Britney Spears has begun rehearsals for his new world tour.Scandalous star and trains in the Los Angeles dance complex "Millennium" and, according to sources, soon to conquer the audience with her new album Blackout.A source close to the singer told The New York Post that Britney "in a few weeks will leave the country. Month, she will rehearse and then go on a world tour," writes The Daily Mail.Meanwhile, Britney Spears has found a new use for his choreographic skills - she began to teach dance to children. A mother of two kids conducted a session for the class of eight pupils aged 4 to 9 years. A source at the Studio said: "When Britney arrived, she approached each of the children, asked their names and asked if they like Madonna because her music they will dance". According to a source, Britney is not the first time conducts classes for students at the school.Meanwhile, the singer's father Jamie Spears, her court-appointed guardian, decided to fire her Manager Howard Grossman, as he ignored the ban to approach and communicate with his ward without permission and refused to disclose the contents of the letter that Britney sent her assistant Sam Lutfi. Jamie Spears was appointed guardian of her daughter after she for a second time went to a psychiatric clinic. Jamie and Lynne, mother of Britney, concerned that their daughter was released from the hospital 11 days ahead of schedule.Recall, the sales from the 2003 Studio album Britney Spears began on December 30. In the album, Blackout, was comprised of 12 tracks in techno and electro-pop. The song Gimme more from the new CD, despite a shameful performance by the singer at the MTV awards in September, quickly took the leading place in the charts in the US. And the album Blackout took second place in the Top200 ranking from Billboard magazine.Despite positive developments in your career, the behavior of Britney Spears continues to be of concern to her parents and loved ones. In late January, Spears was taken to hospital at the University of California from her home in Beverly hills after watching the singer psychiatrist called doctors and expressed concern about her inappropriate behavior. In early January, Spears was hospitalized in a similar way.Representatives of her ex-husband Kevin Federline came to the house Britney to pick up children after a court-mandated visit, but Britney refused to give them. She released two of Sean to his father, and she locked herself in the bathroom along with a year-old Jayden James.After all their attempts to take the children did not succeed, assistants Federline called the police. On a scene there arrived five police cars, a police helicopter and the carriage "first aid". Britney strapped to a stretcher and taken to hospital. At the time she left the hospital two days later. Source: Britney Spears rehearses a new world tour.

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