In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers Britain

In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers BritainToday it became known that on Board the crashed yesterday in Farnborough aircraft were two famous racing driver David Leslie and Richard Lloyd.The former champion of great Britain races in the Touring Car class with Lesley and winner of races for Porsche, Bentley and Jaguar Lloyd flew to France to take part in competitions, but suddenly the plane began to descend and crashed into two houses.Reportedly firefighters, in addition to the houses themselves from the tragedy on earth, no one was hurt - the inhabitants of the burnt down house at the moment were on vacation and escaped death.Onboard the broken plane there were five people. The lost and lonely now lies a bouquet of flowers with an expression of deep sympathy to the families of the victims. Source: In a plane crash in Farnborough died racers Britain.

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