Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player Ovechkin

Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player OvechkinAt a private party in the hotel "national", which celebrated the victory of Dima Bilan on Eurovision-2008", the world champion on hockey Alexander Ovechkin came with a new girlfriend.She was a designer and former wife of Vladimir Presnyakov Lena Lenskaya.The whole evening 22-year-old player has spent in the company of Lena. By the way, Lena costumes for our "team" - Bilan, Plushenko, of Marton, who represented Russia at Eurovision. As they say close friends Ovechkin, with his Lena is not the first week associated romantic relationship.The hero of the occasion came to the party very late in the company of his bride Lena Kuletskaya, producer Yana and her friends and participants of the rooms Evgeni Plushenko and Edwin Marton. As writes "Your day", the party ended at about 5 am. Source: Ex-wife Presnyakov's Dating a hockey player Ovechkin.

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