Shakira's birthday was celebrated in Moscow

Shakira's birthday was celebrated in MoscowSpecially invited to the birthday of a co-owner of one of the famous banks singer Shakira on Friday arrived in Moscow.Special conspiracy Shakira was never kept. In petite girl in sportswear and striped hat and so find it difficult to learn the American star, the newspaper "Your day".Shakira with her entourage arrived a few hours before a custom concert in the club "Paradise". She settled in the hotel "Ritz Carlton" and it's late in the evening went escorted to the club for the performance.For the entertainment of its guests the banker in addition to Shakira invited popular group the Pussycat Dolls. After them and had to make Colombian star.At the very beginning of the speech Shakira was an unpleasant incident. From the stage the singer saw the camera flashes in the audience. One of fotografirovatsa girls especially did not like the star. Dope the song, the singer went backstage and refused to continue the performance until the fan is not taken out of the hall.After the speech, the singer chose to immediately go to the hotel. And only next day, the star decided to dedicate the celebration of his 31st birthday, which she 2 February. "Shakira has big plans for the evening," said one of the organizers of her performances. She along with her friends first, go out to dinner at one of the restaurants, and then in a trendy nightclub where already booked a table". Source: Shakira's birthday was celebrated in Moscow.

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