New Russian cinema

New Russian cinemaThis week in the Russian rolling out the fantasy "the Spiderwick Chronicles" is about a family that moves into place and the Spiderwick becomes surrounded with all sorts of fantastic creatures.The animated film "dragon Hunters" tells how two swindlers, posing as the brave winners of various monsters, have to deal with these dragons. The Thriller "the Railway novel" about the author of popular detective novels, in search of a new hero for the next bestseller is faced with a serial killer who escaped from prison, writes "Time of news".Adaptation of the next novel in the style of fantasy about a parallel world that is much closer to ours than we used to think, "the Spiderwick Chronicles" directed by mark waters tells the story of the family, which in addition to the other inhabitants there are twin brothers Simon and Jared (both Freddie Highmore hotel, "Charlie and the chocolate factory", "Good year," "the Golden compass"). This family moved to the township of Spiderwick and is immediately surrounded by all sorts of fantastic creatures, among which there are clashes and conflicts.Fascinating, although not an original tale, in which everything would have been absolutely wonderful, not to mention the two principal characters of various fairies, gnomes and trolls - the failed creations of puppeteer Jim Henson ("the Muppets", "Labyrinth"). It is unlikely this film will cause worldwide stunning reaction (failed recently because of the beautiful "Golden compass"), but it is worthwhile in any case.Cartoon based on the popular worldwide telemontecarlo "dragon Hunters", Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Kwaku tells how the two swindlers from a parallel world, posing as the brave winners of the various monsters encountered a problem: in a country where they successfully deceive everyone, appear very real dragons, and Willy-nilly, they have to let the monsters fight back.Thriller from classic French film by Claude Lelouch "Railway novel" about the strange circumstances of time, place and way that is inextricably tied to the author of popular detective novels (Fanny Ardant - "No news from God," "8 women", "Callas forever"), in search of a new hero for the next bestseller, and escaped from prison serial killer (Dominic Pignon - "Alien: Resurrection, Amelie, a very Long engagement).In cartoon variations on a theme of the famous novel of Cervantes "don Quixote" Jose Pozo to the fore not knights, and donkey rucio and horse Rocinante. Another and quite fun trying to repeat the success of "Shrek" with its post-modern jokes and turning inside out the classical canons.Once again on the wide screen old Russia, but in any case not outdated cartoon Grande Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki's "My neighbor Totoro". This time the Russian audience is invited story about two girls who find that in the woods near their home forest deity. The film is remarkable primarily because it is not the last role is played by Catbus is one of the most amazing and beautiful creatures ever created by human imagination.The romantic Comedy 27 dresses Anne Fletcher talks about the girl Jane (Katherine Heigl - "Bride of Chucky", "Valentine", "a Little pregnant"), which managed to go as a bridesmaid for 27 weddings. 's time to think about their own, but there is a problem: her own sister was going to marry the object of the affections of Jane, so that she may once again one can only hope for the opportunity to catch the bride's bouquet. And Jane begins to operate, and very strongly. Source: New Russian cinema.

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