Irina Toneva threw the groom before the wedding

Irina Toneva threw the groom before the weddingOne of the most prominent soloists of group "Factory" broke up with her fiance Yuri Pashkov and called off the wedding. As admitted Pashkov, now he's worried because after a couple of months my beloved had to go down the aisle.However, despite the suffering, the Jura is quite fun.While Irina has performed in one of the most fashionable night clubs of Moscow, her ex-boyfriend as much for hitting on several girls at the birthday party of a graduate project "the national actor" Alexey Vorobyov. Having drunk some glasses, a leading channel MTV began to light up with young Hotties.- Ira parted - confessed "Z" Yura. - I don't like to talk about it.WoundsIrina, meanwhile, had come to the party on the occasion of the birthday of renowned cosmetic companies. It was clear that the girl is absolutely not in the mood. Ira was confused in his movements and were not included in the soundtrack. But it. as it turned out, even flowers. At one point, when the "fabricante" turned back to the Desk, everyone was surprised to see that the back of Ira's scratched up.Perhaps it is a consequence erupted yesterday between lovers passions that now, most likely, will remain with young people only in memories. Source: Irina Toneva threw the groom before the wedding.

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