Family grief Dmitry Malikov

Family grief Dmitry MalikovThe son of renowned singer Dmitry Malikov grief: 95 year died his grandmother Valentina Feoktistova. A relative of stars in recent time very ill.The elderly woman has serious problems with the hip joint. Doctors strongly recommended not to perform the operation, because in such an advanced age it is quite dangerous. The condition of an elderly relative of the singer every day became more and more deplorable. But, unfortunately, doctors are unable to cope with the disease.It was Dima's grandmother on the maternal side, - said the father of the artist, the popular singer Yuriy Malikov. - A wonderful man...Death Valentina Feoktistova was a heavy blow for the family Carried. Dmitry likes to remember childhood years visiting beloved grandmother, the newspaper "Your day".Parents were often away on tour, and I stayed with my grandmother liked to tell Dima. Source: Family grief Dmitry Malikov.

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