The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosed

The mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosedThe news that Nikolai Fomenko and Maria Golubkina divorce, for many was a surprise. The acting couple have been married for 13 years, raised in the family with two children, and the apparent reason for the breakup, the couple seems to have happened.As soon as we learned about family collapse Golubkina and Fomenko, as the main causes of divorce were called new hobby Nicholas.He indirectly confirmed this information when helped Mary aired on the radio station "Mayak". In the final interviews Maria hinted to her husband that it is not necessary to anybody to acquaint.Here Fomenko suddenly hold, reported that he had a plane to St. Petersburg and retired. And for a few moments before the artist promised to stay in the Studio for half an hour and to bring the ether for Golubkina who was rushing to the show.Well, Fomenko really had a reason to rush to St. Petersburg. A couple weeks after getting shocking news in the press about the secret of this divorce revealed.Diaries of Nikolay Fomenko lives in St. Petersburg. Her name is Natalia Kutobaev, she is the press Secretary of the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, writes "Express newspaper".As Nikolai, she loves cars and extreme sports, enjoys Windsurfing. 30-year-old Natalia is very successful in his career, married but not yet.However, having an affair with Nikolai Fomenko can end for girls marriage. Anyway, showman already introduced to Natalia with her mother. Source: the Mystery of divorce Fomenko and Golubkina disclosed.

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