The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughter

The soloist `Tattoo` started having problems with her daughterThe soloist of the group "Tatu" Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova recently traveled to St. Petersburg. In one of the shopping centers of the city held an autograph session for the group, and in the evening was to be held the concert.As they say, the performance had to be cancelled because of poor health Yulee. But those who earlier in the day came to talk with them and get autographs, caught both soloists infamous group in good health.Yulia and Lena were in a good mood and answered questions about his work and personal life. So, Yulia Volkova told that she had problems with her daughter. All moms know the crisis of puberty in kids who already have three years. So Julia has not escaped these temporary difficulties."Sam I have a very little boy, about four months. Vika is a big - three and a half years. She's going through puberty, she's a little vrednichaet, the singer said. - Loves music, we have already supplied to the piano. Of course, I'll have the children drive in different partitions, the sport is sure the boy will give. Although it depends on the desires of the individual. My mom never forced to do, she chose this path in life.".

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